XM Lithium

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Lithium, XM"s new and improved station, is currently offering a plethora of free concerts and other a la carte programming in the near future. Its most high profile artists have been announced, including a slew of rock stars such as the Black Keys, The Strokes, and the Black Eyed Peas. Aside from the acts, Lithium is also in the process of rolling out its brand new lineup of channels. Among its most notable offerings are XM Lithium, XM Lithium Gold, and XM Lithium Silver. Lithium"s programming lineup is unmatched by any other radio station in its class. Some of the more upscale channels, like XM Lithium Gold, will even offer a complimentary four-day weekend package for subscribers. One of the more notable highlights of XM"s Lithium program is the fact that it is the only radio station in the nation to offer its subscribers an exclusive five-song in-studio set performed at Lithium Live Studios. Moreover, XM"s eschews traditional schedules for a la carte programming, which means that fans of the vengeful can resync their devices in a matter of seconds.

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