What professional fishermen can teach you about forex trading (above)

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P bestforexrebateofessional Whatisforexrebate What is forex rebate professional traders have a lot forexrebatenetwork common the cashback forex both have to learn their skills, master those skills and develop a refined ability to "feel" the sea or the market You can learn a lot from professional fishermen that will help you improve Your forex trading both professions require many of the same attributes, such as; the desire to constantly learn and expand your knowledge and skills, the desire to do what it takes to win, etc. All of the above attributes require passion, discipline and patience  fishermen read the water, traders read the market  the first thing you need to learn from a successful fisherman to apply to your trading is that you need to read the water conditions just like a fisherman does Reading the market As I mentioned above, fishermen consider many variables before putting in the water because they know that not doing so essentially means they are casting their nets in the dark, so to speakProfessional fishermen use their extensive knowledge in the quest to significantly improve catches no matter when and where they fishThese fishermen consider a variety of factors, including but not limited to: predicting tides as well as understanding tides, recent reception of water area, warming or cooling trends, depths at which fish are found, storm and weather patterns, wind and tidal currents at the time of saltwater fishing, etc. In some areas, strong tides will concentrate bait and small fish, which will attract larger fish As you can see, there are many more variables to professional fishing operations than the average person would think As a trader, you need to understand how to read the market, just like a fisherman reads the water before you Before you put in your bait or your money into the market, you must understand the ups and downs of the market It is important to learn the market and read it: you should know what happened on the previous page in order to understand the current page So get in close contact with the market, really understand its qualities and become a master of it, just like a fisherman is a master of reading and understanding the different variables that affect the water environment to attract fish  Professional Fishermen are "snipers" professional fishermen behave much like snipers in the military professional fishermen dont move around all the time because they spend more fuel, time and labor preparing the rig and of course more bait each time they move they are experienced professionals who plan their fishing strategically , reading about the ocean and weather above, provides them with an advantage just like a fisherman needs an advantage or strategy for fishing, so you need to have a seat at the table your advantage is the likelihood of a successful trade in your favor, it requires you to be educated and prepared just like a professional fisherman does a professional fisherman just wake up and run to his boat and approach the middle of a lake or ocean and put in the water? No, of course, now, you know he didnt so, from that perspective, it would be foolish to start trading Forex when you open your charts, but the truth is there is basically no reason to trade Forex right now just like a fisherman plans when and where to fish for the best catch: you need to plan how you will trade; what your Forex trading edge is, how you will manage your risk and your exit as well as yourself! If you want to give yourself the best chance of success in forex trading, you must do so before you enter the market 

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