What is the best time period to choose to do intraday swings in forex trading

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forex trading before the technical analys forexrebatenetwork is the work of investors every day, especially when it comes to bestforexrebate- What is forex rebate operations, technical analysis is even more important if the investor for short term or even ultra-short term trading, you have to pay attention to 60 Whatisforexrebate, 30 minutes, 15 minutes of technical patterns, especially the 30-minute chart both stability cashback forex swiftness in one, is the short term technology to carry forward and backward Chart 30 minutes is a short-term fluctuations, and MACD is a medium-term trend, 30 minutes MACD as a short-period medium-term indicators, is an excellent super short term secret in the technical analysis of the 30-minute short term analysis is a very useful indicator, because it allows investors to see the trend more clearly 1, found after the foreign exchange margin trading target is not eager to intervene, call out 60 minutes MACD tracking observation Then the strong currency will also be back to the file, in order to avoid the highest level of hedging, I would rather wait until the file and then buy 2, the currency pair after the short term rush high will have a pullback, you can keep an eye on the end of the second wave adjustment point as a short term buy point this point can ensure that a buy on the rise, give full play to the short term efficiency 3, time is generally back down 5-9 k line, 30 minutes MACD green column gradually shortened, red column released after 1-2 In general, due to the adjustment to this point in the transaction has been less, foreign exchange margin trading prices flattened, MACD red column released after one or two K lines for the negative, but the short term pressure has been exhausted, the rebound is imminent 4, generally will be in 3-5 k lines beyond the top of a wave 5, MACD red column shortened then concluded a wave of high points can be used as a stopping point 6, such as major unexpected changes, the purchase price for Stop loss price decisively out of the foreign exchange trading for beginners, intraday short term operation and a certain degree of difficulty, how to make immediate and rapid and effective reflection of the trend of the currency market is the key in the key, need investors after a long time to figure out and continuous exercise to achieve

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