What impact will the terrorist attack have on the price of gold

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Monday (June 13) early morn bestforexrebateg local time in the United States, Florida "Pulse Orl What is forex rebateo" nightclub occurred in the United States in 30 years the most tragic mass shooting, has caused 50 people dead, 53 people injured Obama ordered that day the United States and the embassies and consulates abroad institutions and bases The incident is expected to have a significant impact on the U.S. financial markets, as IS announced responsibility for the shooting victims. For example, in 89-92, there were a lot of political turmoil and sporadic cashback forex in the world, but the price of forexrebatenetwork did not rise because everyone held dollars and gave up gold. Not mechanical apply war factors to predict the gold price, but also consider the dollar and other factors international major political, war events Whatisforexrebate affect the gold price government for the war or to maintain the domestic economic stability and payment, a large number of investors turn to gold to preserve the value of investment, these will expand the demand for gold, stimulate gold prices such as World War II, the U.S.-Vietnam War, the 1976 coup in Thailand, 1986 The "Iran-gate" incident, etc., all make gold prices have different degrees of rise, such as the previous terrorist attack on the U.S. World Trade Center incident had made gold prices soar when the terrorist attack occurred, the country will temporarily in a relatively chaotic situation, the people began to worry about their own safety, the countrys economy will appear volatile, the stock market will appear plummeting, the currency devaluation situation. At this time, in order to avoid further damage to their property, people will choose to buy some hard currency with a stable value in the short and medium term to avoid the risk and gold and silver belong to such a category of hard currency, because gold and silver are neither food nor means of production, so they are rarely consumed outside the currency circulation. In fact, not only terrorist attacks, when the international political situation begins to unrest, national quality control war, etc. will stimulate risk aversion affect the price of precious metals, the government for the war or to maintain the stability of the domestic economy and pay the cost, a large number of investors turned to gold to preserve the value of investment so when the risk aversion heated up, we can find in the precious metals market will usher in a large number of buying phenomenon and with the gold and silver With a large number of gold and silver buying, the price of gold and silver will quickly go up in a short period of time This is the phenomenon of rising prices of precious metals caused by risk aversion

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