The CNBC XM Channel Is Now Available on SiriusXM

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The NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams is the most watched evening newscast in the United States. For the last 10 years, Williams has been anchoring NBC"s primetime news show, which has a daily average of over 9 million viewers. Now, the newscast can be found on SiriusXM. And for the first time, SiriusXM subscribers can listen to the entire broadcast via satellite. In addition to the news, the show offers exclusive weekly programs.

CNBC is a business news channel that broadcasts news and financial news from across the globe. The network also offers a variety of original podcasts and podcast series. These include Mad Money with Jim Cramer, The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg, and Why Is This Happening with Chris Hayes.

CNBC is owned by Comcast, a cable and television company. The company"s news division, NBCUniversal News Group, is comprised of several award-winning podcasts and original programming. Its sister network, MSNBC, is available on NBC"s local stations and on a variety of other channels, including SiriusXM.

The channel has its own stock market index. In conjunction with FTSE Group, it measures the performance of the global economy. The FTSE CNBC Global 300 is calculated continuously on each trading day. Each member of the FTSE CNBC Global 300 is one of the world"s largest companies from each industry sector.

The company is also one of the most active in international expansion. In fact, it has launched local versions of the network in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Japan, UAE, and Poland. International versions of the CNBC network have been in operation since 1995. Today, the network has a staff permanently based in San Jose, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Chicago, among other locations. They also have correspondents at the New York Stock Exchange, NYMEX, and Chicago Board of Trade.

CNBC also partnered with Dow Jones to form a strategic alliance in 1997. The partnership provided Dow Jones content to the CNBC channels. At the same time, the two organizations rebranded some of the business programming they produced to CNBC. As part of this partnership, the CNBC logo was changed to an "Avant Garde" style, featuring a dual outlined circle within the "C" and a Times New Roman font.

One of the most recognizable personalities on the CNBC network is Maria Bartiromo, who hosts the Closing Bell. Other on-air talent includes Joe Kernen and Scott Cohn. Many of these journalists and reporters have been with the network for a long time. Another NBC News staple is Jim Birdsall, who is the main voice-over announcer for the station. He has also appeared in CiCi"s Pizza commercials and works for NFL Films.

SiriusXM has signed a new long-term agreement with NBCUniversal News Group, which means it will air simulcasts of CNBC and the Today Show radio channel. It will also provide an end-to-end advertising technology platform for NBC News. Currently, the company has about 26.7 million subscribers. If you are a Nissan vehicle owner, you can sign up for a three-month trial to test out SiriusXM and see how well the service performs.

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