Various kinds of regional political conflicts on currency exchange rates and different effects of precious metals

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In recent years, the worlds regional political cashback forexs around the endless, from the investment market point of view, different times, different countries or regions, different nature of the regional political conflicts, on the national forexrebatenetwork Whatisforexrebate rates What is forex rebate international precious metals market prices, have different effects on the following interview examples to illustrate the situation 1. and the United bestforexrebatetates political and economic strategic interests are not directly related to Directly related to or conducive to its strategic intent of short-term regional conflicts, the U.S. dollar is conducive to the strengthening of the hedge currency function, such as the recent end of the Lebanese-Israeli military conflict, although the Middle East has U.S. interests, but the conflict does not constitute a strategic blow to the United States and economic damage, and even benefit the economic interests of some economic groups in the United States Therefore, the investment market eventually choose the U.S. dollar as a hedge currency, so the U.S. dollar and Gold as a safe-haven currency and assets are favored, especially gold, prices rose sharply 2. and the U.S. political and economic strategic interests directly affect the U.S. strategic interests of the geopolitical conflict, such as the Iranian verification issue can be understood in this way: containment and elimination of the current Iranian regime is part of the U.S. Middle East and even worldwide military and economic strategy, therefore, some time ago the Iranian verification crisis came to the fore in To a large extent, the non-U.S. currencies supported the rise; after August 22, the Iranian verification issue has come to the fore again, but if the extent does not strengthen, I personally believe that non-U.S. currencies will not only not rise, but also profit taking back but the world is not peaceful, the exchange rate will eventually break the deadlock 3. Northeast Asia conflict on the exchange rate and the impact of precious metals such as North Korea test-fired missiles, the Japanese authorities believe that it poses a direct danger to the yen fell in response. At the same time, I believe that Russia and Japan, Korea and Japan territorial waters of the island dispute if the escalation, then, the yen will also fall 4. regional terrorism occurred in which country or region, the country or regions currency exchange rates will fall sharply, such as the attempted plane bombing in the United Kingdom a few days ago, a direct blow to the British pound; the most powerful is the United States of 9/11, after the occurrence of the global investment market, including currency exchange rates and The shock wave caused by the price of gold, very huge 5. The degree of impact on international currency exchange rates: if the geopolitical conflict has a sudden or obvious escalation, the degree of impact of the trend will strengthen, otherwise it will weaken 6. For a country or region, when a geopolitical conflict occurs, the exchange rate will support the development of an uptrend in favor of the national currency of one of the parties to the conflict 7. When a geopolitical conflict intensifies, the short-term impact on currency exchange rates and precious metals is paramount, followed by economic data and other factors The above is my personal general view, for investors reference only

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