U.S. economic data on the foreign exchange market

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foreign exchange bestforexrebatevestors in the foreign exchange market trading, the analysis of fundamental What is forex rebate factors, are through the collection, collation forexrebatenetwork analysis of economic indicators reflecting various aspects of economic Whatisforexrebate in each country to carry out, in todays world, the U.S. dollar is still the main currency of foreign exchange reserves, so the U.S. economic data on the market has the greatest impact on the national investors are concerned about the U.S. economic data To grasp the timing of investment some important U.S. economic data is often announced at 8:30 New York time, so the foreign exchange traders in the Asian region, often because of the data released and work late into the night, that is, often said to wait for the data below to the United States commonly used economic data as an example of analysis of the U.S. government published economic data can be divided into three categories: leading indicators, synchronous indicators and lagging indicators 1. LeadingIndicator (LeadingIndicator) is the statistical economic indicators that have an impact on future economic development market analysts often refer to these indicators to analyze the future state of economic development and its impact on the future direction of exchange rate development the components of the LeadingIndicator index and its weight in the composition of the index are as follows: 1) Production and manufacturing workers average work week 1.0142) Manufacturing 1) Unemployment rate of workers 1.01413) New orders for consumer goods and raw materials 0.9734) Common stock prices of 59,500 large companies 1.1495) Real change in inventories 0.9866) Money supply of M2 0.9327) Change in total liquid assets 8) Change in sensitive prices 0.8929) Contracts and orders for equipment 0.94610) Newly issued 1.05411)Composition of net economic agents12)Proportion of companies with poor sales1.081 2.Synchronous and LaggingIndicators(ConcurrentIndicatorandLaggingIndicator)SynchronousIndicators change in time in line with the general economic situation, while LaggingIndicators change in time These two types of indicators can show the general trend of economic development, and determine or deny the economic development trend foreshadowed by the first indicators, and through them can also see the depth of economic change more important synchronous indicators and lagging indicators are as follows: (1) GNP and GNPDeflator (GNP) national GNP is a country in a certain period of time (year, quarter) expressed in monetary terms the total value of all products and services it is a summary of the entire national economy, is a comprehensive reflection of a countrys economic strength and economic development degree of comprehensive indicator system usually the higher the U.S. GNP means that the better the economic development, interest rates tend to rise, the dollar exchange rate tends to strengthen and GNP published at the same time for the elimination of price changes in the price deflator ( GNPDeflator represents the official measure of price changes in the last quarter, reflecting the inflationary pressures on the economy, and is often of concern to the market (2) Unemployment Rate (UnemploymentRate) unemployment rate is also a sign of good or bad economic development unemployment rate increases, which means that the economy is hampered; unemployment rate decreases, which means that economic development momentum increases (3) RetailSalesIndex (RetailSalesIndex) is an indicator that includes cash purchases and credit purchases, which reflects the state of social consumption and overall economic activity A higher RetailSalesIndex indicates adequate social consumption, economic development potential, interest rates tend to rise, and the dollar exchange rate tends to rise

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