How to Get Started With Sirius XM Radio Contact

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Sirius XM is a satellite radio service that offers live sports coverage and music. It is one of the largest ad supported audio entertainment streaming services in the U.S. and has about 40 million subscribers.

In addition to its regular programming, SiriusXM also offers exclusive content. For instance, it is the only radio service to provide Howard Stern"s show. Additionally, it offers listeners live sports coverage and original programming.

If you"re interested in signing up for SiriusXM, you"ll need to pick out a package that suits your needs. The All Access package, for example, offers over 160 channels of commercial-free music, talk, comedy, and sports. This subscription also gives you access to the SiriusXM Guardian(tm) assistance feature, which allows you to connect to a Customer Care agent for help.

To get started with SiriusXM, you"ll need a car stereo that supports FM modulation. You"ll also need to buy an antenna, and you"ll need to connect it to the stereo. A SiriusXM subscription can cost anywhere from $10 to $18 per month.

One of the advantages of signing up for a subscription with SiriusXM is that you"ll receive a free month of the All Access package. This subscription gives you access to over 160 channels of entertainment and sports, plus the Best News, Sports, Comedy, and more.

Before you can start listening to SiriusXM, you"ll need your ESN (Electronic Serial Number) and your credit card. You can activate your SiriusXM account by calling 1-844-539-4746 or by using the web-based form.

Although SiriusXM is an ad-supported radio service, you can listen to it for free through Listen Free events. These events are held twice a year. During the event, you"ll have a chance to hear some of the most popular artists and performers, including GOO GOO DOLLS and Alicia Keys.

While there are numerous channels on SiriusXM, it"s not always easy to navigate the site. There"s a Programming Guide to help you find what you want. You can also browse upcoming broadcasts and schedule recordings. Some channels have a Highlights feature, which spotlights hand-picked programming.

However, the website"s channel lineup is rarely accurate. Sometimes, SiriusXM loses signal, especially in urban areas. Also, you may encounter issues when connecting your receiver to your stereo. When this happens, you"ll need to re-login to your account to continue streaming.

If you"re having trouble connecting your SiriusXM receiver to your stereo, call the customer service line. An agent will help you identify your problem and solve it. They can also advise you on ways to troubleshoot your device.

Sirius XM is a great choice for your car. Not only is it the only radio service to feature Howard Stern"s talk show, but it offers live sports coverage and music. In addition, it has more than 150 channels of radio available for use in the car.

Unlike terrestrial radio, SiriusXM has a variety of subscription packages that can suit any lifestyle. You can also find SiriusXM in a variety of vehicles, such as trucks and boats.

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