The use of foreign exchange support

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foreign cashback forex market, the exchange rate Whatisforexrebate reaching a certain level, often no longer continue to r bestforexrebatee or fall, it seems that at this price level there is a resistance What is forex rebate on the exchange rate to play a blocking or forexrebatenetworking role, we called the resistance line and support line The so-called resistance line is the exchange rate rose to a certain - height, so that the exchange rate continued to rise blocked support line is the exchange rate fell to a certain height, the buy gas turned strong and The seller is weak, so that the exchange rate to stop continuing to fall from the perspective of supply and demand, support represents a concentrated demand, while resistance represents a concentrated supply Resistance and support lines are important methods of graphical analysis generally if the exchange rate fluctuates up and down in a certain area, and the accumulated volume in the region is very large, then if the exchange rate over or under this area, it will naturally become a support line or resistance line these once There has been a large volume of the price level from time to time by the resistance line into a support line or from the support line into a resistance line: resistance line once washed over, it will become the next downtrend support line; and support line once broken, will become the next up the resistance line In the K-line chart, as long as the lowest price in the same tiny interval multiple times, it is connected to the same two lowest price and extended that a support line, which graphically describes the exchange rate in A certain price range, demand is greater than the supply of imbalance when the transaction price falls into this range, because of the buying gas, sellers are willing to sell, making the price turn back up The inner essence is: because of the previous stage repeatedly appear this - price range, the accumulation of large volume, when the market from the top to the support line close, the short-seller profit chips have been cleared, the hands have no pressure to sell short chips; do more than the coin to take advantage of the low absorption, the formation of demand; indecisive; indecisive. Formation of demand; indecisive hedge has been deep, the chip lock is not easy to cut positions so in this price range supply is less than demand, naturally formed a strong support base In addition, as the market has repeatedly turned back in this, also established the majority of investors psychological support price range, as long as there is no mega bearish news, the market will be supported by the rebound Technical analysis will have a large cumulative volume of price range defined as a dense area of transactions In this dense area, there is a very high turnover rate dense area to profit from the buyers need to wait for the exchange rate to rise above this cost range, these buyers that hold chips, as long as there is no loss of confidence in the future trend, is not in this price range to throw out chips, because the holders of chips to sell, so the market is difficult to fall below this price level on the other hand, the short side also because of the transaction is dense, the amount of coins held rose, the hands of chips have been lacking, that is The supply of chips on the market shrinks, although there will still be part of the post-trend loss of confidence to throw chips, but also can not become a climate even if the support line was temporarily broken as long as neither the volume of cooperation, nor a variety of negative appearances, the price will be back above the support line, the majority of investors psychological support has been enhanced again The market in the dense area to obtain temporary support, the post-trend has two possibilities: -, is a rebound up; two is The majority of chip holders lose confidence, look bad after the trend, a large number of dumping, that is, from more than turned short, the support line will be effectively broken, the market continues to move down Support line is not only generated in the dense area when the market fell to 50% of the original wave, will take a little breather, in this area will often produce a support line, which is actually also the majority of investors due to psychological factors, technical analysis said this wave (or down wave) to the starting point for the return of the symmetry principle In addition, the stage of the lowest price is often the psychological support line of the majority of investors In the use of support lines for the analysis of the currency market should pay attention to the following points: (1) upward trend, back in the process, the K line of the negative line than previously appeared in the positive line is weak, especially with close to the support price, the volume shrinks, and then the positive line quickly eat the negative line, the exchange rate rose again, which is Effective support (2) uptrend, back in the process, the K-line frequently appear negative, short forces increased, even in the support line near a slight rebound, take over the weak, the exchange rate will eventually fall below the support line (3) in the support line near the formation of the disk file, after a period of finishing, a long positive line, the support line is naturally effective (4) in the support line near the formation of the disk file, after finishing but appeared. A long negative line, investors to reduce losses, scramble to flee, the exchange rate will continue to fall for a period (5) the exchange rate from the top down below the support line, indicating that the market will be converted from an uptrend to a downtrend in general, in the rising trend, there is an intermediate downtrend, if the market falls below the intermediate downtrend support line, it means that the rising trend has ended; in the intermediate uptrend, there is a secondary downtrend. If the market falls below the support line of the secondary downtrend, it means that the intermediate uptrend has ended, the exchange rate will continue downward in accordance with the original downtrend (6) the exchange rate from the top down to contact the support line, but failed to fall and turn around back up, if there is a large volume of cooperation, then when there is a downward adjustment, you can enter the goods, in order to obtain rebound profits (7) the exchange rate from the top down below the support line, once there is a large volume of cooperation, that is to say Another period of downtrend formation, a little back that should be shipped to avoid greater losses (8) the exchange rate from the top down to contact the support line, although not broken, but also no volume with, it indicates that no rebound may be, should be shipped as soon as possible to leave the field

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