The story of Hite the trendsetter who never repented

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The follow Whatisforexrebateg bestforexrebate a transcript of a question cashback forex answer session between the author and Hite, the answer is Hite forexrebatenetwork When you first joined the industry, you were convinced that you could find a way to beat the market.  A: At that time, What is forex rebate only set my ambition, but after years of experience, I am convinced that market efficiency can never reach the point of perfection.  A: Countless, such as often changing the computer trading system, the slightest failure to switch to another set of trading strategies, double-minded reluctance to follow the signal execution, etc. Every time I attend a seminar, between the casual conversation, I always hear the post-mortem type of complaints, my analysis system performance is extremely accurate unfortunately I did not follow the implementation, otherwise I could have won the biggest victory in years Q: market efficiency will never reach the point of perfection Do you have an example?  A: In 1637, the Dutch tulips were speculated at a high price of 5,500 guilders, then plummeted to 50 guilders, leaving one percent of the value; in 1929, a stock rose to $233, after the crash the stock price was only $31. 1961 Texas Instruments stock fell sharply from $207 to $49, a loss of 77% Q: Examples of futures?  A: In 80, silver rose to $50 and then fell to $5, a 90% drop Q: You are a legend in the speculative market.  A: My last job was as a band manager and I was overwhelmed by having three bands recording at the same time on a weekend so I decided to go into what I love most and hope to excel at it Q: What path did you choose?  A: Trying to work as a stockbroker Q: What was the strange encounter during the interview?  A: What I cant forget is that the person in charge of the interview pretended to say: we only buy blue chips on behalf of our clients Q: At that time, you may not know much about the financial business, do you understand the meaning of blue chips?  A: Nothing, after the interview immediately look up the origin of blue chips, it turns out to be from the casino Q: What is the explanation?  A: The biggest chips in Monte Carlo casino are printed in blue, so it comes out that blue chips represent the first line of performance stocks Q: What is the meaning of blue chips?  A: Stock investment is actually a form of gambling. For these reasons, I left my stock analysis books behind and studied introductory gambling books instead Q: What is the rationale?  A: The key to winning in investment is how to improve the chances of winning, to be able to accurately calculate the odds, you can find a way to beat the market enough to overcome the enemy

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