The so-called homeopathic a little thinking what is called homeopathic trading

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We often say "with the What forexrebatenetwork forex rebate to be friends", "with the trend is king" bestforexrebate so on, we also want to trade with the trend, like we use the trend trading system, of course, dream to follow the trend all the way to the Western Paradise to achieve the right result before cashback forex used the MACD + MA, and now the trend line + inflection point + wave, all belong to the trend following. And now the trend line + inflection point + wave, are within the trend following, and I am now in the whole RSI, the so-called oscillation artifact, the trend burst king, I found that it can also be used to follow the trend, and the divine golden mean, expansion, is only to catch a wave of trend if you just say "trend is king" this phrase. Surely a speculative foreign exchange know, also know that the trend to profit, counter-trend is a big taboo, but in fact? What we see is all the way to the counter-trend! Lets talk about foreigners, I often look at the distribution of customer positions published by OANDA (updated every 20 minutes), that counter-trend that is called a swell, dead against 3 to 400 points that are too common, 7 to 800 points are Whatisforexrebate few, and in the homeopathic side, the position of the poor, so to speak, I saw, the real so-called in line with the current trend of positions, may only account for 10% of all positions Not to, and homeopathic profits on 100 points still exist on the position so few that it can almost be described as a cherished animal look around a counter-trend trading, the corpses are horrible! In the end there is a god situation? Why are so many people rushing to counter-trend? To be honest, about why so many people will counter-trend this problem, I have not figured out, I can not recall why I lost a single can resist for so long, but also unrepentantly counter-trend amortization, now I, as long as the floating loss of a few points will feel uncomfortable in the heart of the book said, dead against the loss of positions because of human loss aversion instinct and fetish heart, the attachment to the things that have, I think A little bit of truth, but this does not explain why many people in the cut position after the counter-trend operation again, because after the trend out, after we were stopped out has been very obvious, why continue to counter-trend again? Most of the trend trading system this time should also give a homeopathic signal, if there is some experience, want to find a not very bad entry point is not difficult, in accordance with the most commonly used stop loss placed below the former retracement low approach, most of the trend in progress is not to hit the stop loss, no matter how poor your entry point but there are still so many counter-trend single, high set in Everest my own summary of counter-trend The reason: 1. with the incorrect way to determine the current trend, the general direction to catch the opposite, the formation of the wrong psychological expectations 2. not willing to admit their mistakes 3. do not believe that their own system to give the signal with the incorrect way to determine the current trend, the general direction to catch the opposite, the formation of the wrong psychological expectations In the end, this is still related to the forecast book says very clearly: "trading is the human Second dangerous behavior, after war", as an amateur trend traders, I think in the judgment of the market, the heart must have a very clear understanding: no matter what approach we are using, the opening price or closing price or, monthly weekly daily 4 hours, and then set a such as MACD, RSI, MA and other indicators, when judging the trend, we must To be clear on a few points: one, we judge the trend only a certain rate of accuracy, the possibility of error exists, the direction of judgment is the system of things, should not become our forecast based on so back to the starting point: give up the forecast also do not know how many times said, forecast this is a very bizarre thing, and loss is a pair of difficult brother and sister from a normal point of view to do the forecast nothing wrong, such as The weather forecast and so on, speculation in foreign exchange to do the forecast, right on the right, wrong admit the wrong on the line but as long as a operation, it is not so much especially for the master, in the continuous forecast correct all the way to the song, that occasionally a forecast error is nothing different from nuclear weapons, basically immediately began to level + dead resistance, and then immediately back to the liberation of the two, as the trend of the system of judgment, first in Judgment of the general direction to have a certain rate of correctness, and, most importantly, given the direction of the signal must be clear, can not be ambiguous three, the direction of the determination can not be used to determine the small direction of the order, the small direction of more or less and the general trend of the relationship is not large but can make some technical adjustments, that is, I am sure that the general direction is long, the small direction when the signal gives a short entry signal I still have to consider the possibility of the trend to turn, the field or to enter the field in order to be safe, I can carefully choose a better entry position, or wait for a more appropriate stop-loss position, or even do not enter, but I think, if not very, very experienced people, or enter the field of good and give a long entry signal, but also must not be because of the feeling of the trend, there is a heavy position and rush into the field situation, especially heavy positions, must be eliminated! But you can do other processing, such as my own will be appropriate to increase the profit cut target, increase position time, etc. To keep in mind one thing: large cycles are often small cycles out of the fourth, the direction of the large cycle to see the right, and small cycle of profit is two different things, I do their own 15-minute cycle, the euro last week, for example, I started from 1.2743 to do more than 1.3100 or so, and then from the fall of 1.3095 to do short until 1.2893 out, each time is to earn the maximum profit within the 15-minute cycle is planned to exit, how much? The largest single is also 50 points, and then the system gives a signal to enter again, so the middle or nearly 1/3 of the profit is not eaten, but we have to be clear, no matter how favorable their own market, do not be greedy to take profits that do not belong to their own cycle I have been greedy many times before, do 1 hour want to take 4 hours cycle of profits, the results often turn into losses so that what cycle to do to take What money, must use this to discipline themselves Author: sm606

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