The seven investment and financial misconceptions of salaried people

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  Many people know a say bestforexrebateg you do not care about Whatisforexrebate, money ignore you In fact, even if you go to money, money may not care about you, if you blindly invest in money, the final result of many people is not only can not let the wealth increase, but the loss of principal Many people want to manage money all day long forexrebatenetwork, but no investment What is forex rebate cashback forex meaning of investment and money management are two completely different Investment is investment, financial management is financial management, the two should not be confused in simple terms, investment is the investor to invest a certain amount of money and expect to get returns in the future, is the process of converting money into capital investment is the risk and return coexist, and financial management is to manage their own personal financial income and expenditure allocation arrangements refers to our personal lifetime cash flow management and risk management, not to solve Money management is a must for everyone, and investment is the basis of good financial management on the idle funds to do you if not first financial management, you can not have the opportunity to have the funds to do investment after clarifying the relationship between investment and financial management, we will analyze one by one, an ordinary working class how to deal with the relationship between investment and financial management, to avoid going into the dead end of investment and financial management and misconceptions misconceptions a Many people think that they are going to make money when it comes to investment and finance, so they become eager to make money, become greedy and fearful, and even hold a gambling mentality, degenerate into a speculative gambler, not calmly analyze and think, they are tempted by some superficial high return advertising, step into the trap, be cheated, the result is that in the end, the money did not earn, but also lost a lot of money, and get exhausted some even Some of them even get into trouble, and some of them even risk illegal loan sharks misconception two: financial investment into speculation many people have not arranged their living expenses, the only little money into the stock market, expecting to earn how much in the stock market, and even more, with borrowed money, relatives and friends of the money, embezzled units of public funds to speculate in the stock market, hoping to make a fortune, thinking that They are smart enough to beat the market, can get rich by the stock market, and also feel that they are investing in the results of the final loss misconception three: the fixed investment funds as investment finance which is very undesirable behavior I see some of the people to the monthly salary was lured to do fund fixed investment I think this is the most typical of their irresponsible investment finance lazy behavior funds the essence of the fund company to take your money to Make money, take your money to invest, to speculate in stocks and houses, they earn a little to you, the loss you carry your own misconceptions four: investment finance into buying a house to preserve the value of these years, home prices have risen sharply, many people have joined the army of speculation, even if not speculation in the hands of the money depreciated and the funds to go into the house, the beautiful name for the investment to preserve the value of some people and even all the little money pressed into the house. Even not afraid to carry high bank loans and monthly interest payments   misconceptions five: according to the textbook theory of investment and finance these years all kinds of investment and finance books and journals, but the real value, practical operation and simple and feasible method almost no often have netizens to Zou Tao recommend what books and so on, life does have a lot of people like to buy some investment and finance books to see. To find the secrets of investment and financial management, in fact, this is the most unreliable I found that our country is not a really valuable professional investment and financial discipline, which allows every citizen to learn investment and financial knowledge is to let these experts and scholars of the book sold at a good price principle is very simple: the world can not have universal investment and financial books, the actual situation of each person is not the same. According to the book will kill people, but into a misunderstanding is more realistic: if everyone does, that method does not work huh misconception six: superstition experts and scholars these years with the development of the network and the media, many ordinary people began to pay more and more attention to the economy, concern about investment and finance So, all kinds of experts and scholars of all shapes and sizes began to appear, some appearance fees to tens of thousands of 100,000 a time, published A variety of remarks but listening to the people are still in the clouds, no practical help I found that many so-called experts and scholars are only theoretical people in the ivory tower, may be able to say theoretically, but without any practical experience, its role may not be as valuable as a salesman with lessons learned in the first line of the market principle is simple: real investment and financial money-making people are not time all day Lecture book misconception seven: listening to free investment and financial lectures in recent years, many people have investment and financial awareness, often to attend a variety of lectures, some enterprises, institutions have also done this kind of business, to engage in some investment lectures, financial lectures, etc., but such free lectures in the end, often turned into a disguised product launch, invisible product sales meeting, some people listening to the lecture Confused to buy their products, they have developed into members

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