The sea of exchange career (speculative life realistic portrayal)

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forex life preface: every time you pick up the pen, want to write out their own personal experience forexrebatenetwork real feel cashback forexgs in the speculative career over the years, but how many times and put the pen down Whatisforexrebate only limited writing, and "heart than the sky, life as thin as paper" usually those hovering in the mind of the creative inspiration and bold emotions. Once the real words are expressed, they d What is forex rebateappear without a trace, but there is always a voice inside crying out, write it! Even if it is because of interest, or is the repression of venting, write it out will not be too bad after all forum members can be a lot of brick, but also feel free to abuse for this reaction, bestforexrebate can understand, because I once also because of the new stock issue, increased stamp duty, the stock fell, and like a madman to post around to yell just different object is writing this post, the end of two, one is if one day I became like Warren Buffett or Soros like If Im like the name of a lonely boat, buried in the deep sea of speculative career, as a suicide note to everyone as after dinner and tea talk! Because of improvisation, omissions, inevitably, not because of disrespect for the reader without repeatedly typing the draft published, but because of the play, sometimes the effect will be a little better, as in the case of trading, go with the flow is good, overly cautious in advance to do a variety of assumptions, and the results are often not always as I am lonely by nature, shortcomings everywhere, in this article, many times will be imposed on the personal opinion, not Im not trying to "wow" just open my heart as much as I can, so that you can see the real me ------ a foreign exchange obsessed persons real heart and soul journey! I came from an ordinary rural family, above three sisters, but I did not because I was the familys only baby son and received special treatment perhaps because the rural children early when the family, I know how to be frugal and try to find ways to earn money at the age of 10 know to go fishing in the river not far from my home there is a 20 to 20 meters wide river year-round clear water flow, ducks playing in the floating river grass. A group of green and black undershirt of the fish flying stream I will use the usual savings of private money to go to the market to buy a pair of wire mesh, scattered in the river, and then you can wait for the fish online a day down can get a few pounds get clean, sprinkle some salt, fried with oil, and then smoked with fire and sawdust, Oh, so out of the dry fish and fragrant and crispy do not have to get set to sell, people are running to the house to buy. The neighbors often praised me in front of my mother, this little boy, so little old can make money, the future must be very promising, will definitely make a lot of money maybe because of this so-called "future" I began to work harder and harder, the heart again and again silently resolve, must be mixed with a person, must be In that era of rural children, to turn a chicken into a phoenix, the only way out is to take the university entrance exam (of course, the university entrance exam, will not necessarily become a phoenix) as expected, I did get into the university, becoming the second university student for dozens of miles around the village because my sister also got into the university before me, so I could not be ranked first my major is art design at that time, the computer is very precious, the system is still used in the system is not the same as the system. At that time, the computer was very precious, the system was still using the most advanced windos95, and only a few years later upgraded to 98, but at that time for us rural children is simply rare only 2 classes a week can be on the computer operation usually are theoretical classes, rely on memory to operate but on the computer line is really a headache, because the same room only a total of 30 machines, and waiting for the computer indeed hundreds of people from different departments Queuing has no meaning, is to grab even sometimes in order to grab a little in the front row, the school gates open, a few hours in advance to go to the queue think about are saddened, I am tall, are almost 1.8 meters when the university, sturdy, so in the time to grab a seat, have a unique advantage, but even gasping to sit on the computer disk, do not know how to start, no one to teach you, will only open a system comes with the The first year of college, ignorant of the past what did not learn, the only thing that impressed me is to take the bus, because listening to older brothers told me to come to a new city, to understand the city, the best and most cost effective way is to take the bus to spend a 50 cents, as long as you do not get off midway, you can turn around the city, if not because of hunger, I estimate that a day to turn the Think about the university can not be so in vain, my family still only hope that I can get ahead, so sit on the bus, I guess sit more also can not get ahead, so I made up my mind, sophomore year to change my face I know, we are the most important thing is to understand the computer, can use the computer to draw a lot of manual works can not be completed school computer room computer is estimated to be incompetent, one is not enough time on the computer, the second is that When the floppy disk is popular, the virus proliferation to the original broken machine is even more burdened, even the ordinary switch to run up, not to mention to complete the colorful, demanding design drawings so, thought of a way, at the beginning of the school year to the school applied for a student loan to the family to my tuition to tighten the teeth, bought a relatively high-grade computer on the market, and then nestled in the dormitory all day Ive been working on my computer all day! I was glad that I was so bold and dared to be the first in the whole school, because with the computer, I taught myself a lot of software and technology, and started to attack the programming to the junior year of college, is the schools famous computer master, can make their own animation, programming, but also can design houses, villas so in the winter and summer, people are anxious to find tutors and meet everywhere, but I have a lot of "buyers "I even gave classes to the school art course, and also went to the official decoration company as a part-time designer also even take some time off from work, but also to take some outside design business to do the income is not bad, in the eyes of teachers and classmates, I am a top character myself also fantasize so benign development, will be able to soar in the senior year of graduation, we will go their own way. I did not leave the city of graduation because of the relationships and part of the social resources established in the previous years in the local, and started my own entrepreneurial career because of the preliminary foundation, so I graduated from college to do a small design company owner and opened a designer training course business operation is quite good, but also slowly bought a house back home for the New Year can also be To my parents stuffed with a stack of yuan to make them happy also found my sweetheart because when I was in college, busy with their own things, completely missed the romantic college love life, in fact, not I do not want to talk at all, just because their own spring, feel to the girl to take the initiative to find me this excellent man, they can not put on the shelf to chase people now think, really fucking stupid idea but then again, in the eyes of everyone The fact is that I have seen the prospect of a developed in the eyes of everyone, and I am planning how to be bigger and stronger when the nightmare also began people say, blessing, disaster, disaster, blessing the fact is also true, for the back of the trading career, I understand this more deeply and thoroughly! Of course, the disaster I am talking about, not what natural or man-made disasters and so on, but refers to the speculation because of the small achievements in the career, the money inside the pocket can also turn over after a slight surplus so listen to the introduction of friends began to speculate in stocks began to invest a few tens of thousands of dollars, a few days to earn a few thousand, think about their own day and night, tired, excluding expenses, a month down only a few thousand dollars of income, speculation, how good, moving hands, a few days It is a months income and, on weekends, you can also leisurely go fishing, May Day, the National Day holiday can also take your wife to play in the mountains, how pleasant life! Because of this idea, the nightmare began from then on, the mind is no longer spent on industry, bored in the stock market does not enter the stock market, do not know how deep the water in this business, and I spent time to figure out is the big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimp, shrimp eat water, water eat small retail food chain, the state, listed companies, bankers, banks, private equity funds is the front end of the food chain, in this unfair game. Retailers are always the most tragic death in this unfair game, so also, the new shares continue to issue, as a pond, the water is limited, and with a bucket, floating to scoop water incessantly, and even with a sprinkler giant also to take water water does not dry up only strange but everything has been too late, and I see through the rules of the game, I have been scarred industry also due to capital extraction and I did not take care of the reason for a big discount customers The complaints of the customer also increased and I have gone off the rails at this time, the industry has lost the determination to continue to adhere to the later simply simply give up, but the designers career and did not lose, one because my own design level is good, part of the business with the client another reason is that if you really give up the design, where to follow the funds to continue my "investment career "? The stock market is worse than the casino garbage things can not continue, as for futures, warrants and other demons and ghosts will not care to mention at least my IQ is also a bachelors degree, the ability to learn from these examples or have, otherwise in the subsequent foreign exchange career is not so profound insights and gains so, now look around there are constantly new people to the stock market, is the epitome of my original, give him advice as parents To our nagging, do not take it seriously, let it go, the general is out of the pile of bones, do not try, it is likely to bury a general, I can be a great crime I myself think, what to do, if there is a similar to the stock market, but can buy up and buy down, and the day you can buy profit can also be sold how good ah at that time did not know that there is foreign exchange ah, if I had known that there is foreign exchange Maybe in the stock market will not lose so badly, at least tuition can take out part of the foreign exchange to go, not to know that the stock market can no longer enter, but suffering from no better investment products and forced to stay inside, of course, not to say that the stock market is useless, at least let me understand, in the down market, should learn to wait and see, rather than holding a fluke heart to grab the rebound with the trend is my battle in the stock market The only gain for many years, for my later foreign exchange career laid a very good foundation since then, into the foreign exchange, I will be as intoxicated excluding malicious platforms, not to mention the freedom to do single, easy access to funds and 24-hour trading, too suitable for me, I was like a treasure, feel that foreign exchange is for people like me, so, needless to say the next, I was fully committed to it because of the lessons learned from the stock market failure experience. Do foreign exchange Im a lot more cautious, but no matter how, the beginning is always unable to make money, the loss is not much, oh, not because the technology is very good at that time, but because of the stretched life, it is impossible to allow me to have enough capital to do, therefore, from 2000 U.S. dollars, to 1000 U.S. dollars, to later 500, 300, 200, 100 plus the deposit after the grant, each time are can let me live a period of time I feel okay I know in the beginning of the explosion is inevitable, there are seniors have said, losses are as normal as breathing, for experts are so, not to mention the newcomers like me, if not this is not normal just repeatedly praying in the heart of their own, try to hold out until one day can no longer afford to pay the $100 tuition when they graduated looking at the small situation of the following days I dont remember how long I didnt take her to the mall, the clothing city must go to the KFC every week also did not patronize that time, perhaps from the countryside, always feel that if you take your wife and children and friends to KFC to eat a meal, is a very big thing even a few days in advance to their announcement, you can see them glowing The eyes, as when I was a child looking forward to the New Years day finally came the way but slowly these in many people seem ordinary can not be ordinary things have become my most afraid to face the reality of this time, there are well-meaning friends, including the relevant leaders of the decorative industry are several times about me to talk, suggesting that I change my ways, the leaders also said that if I do not concentrate on the decorative industry, the whole decorative world is a Although I know he speaks some exaggeration, but I also know that he speaks not without reason, because in the years I go all out to do design, every year I take my team to get the gold medal, and because my good learning and hard work, I can always bring the outside new ideas and creativity to the local, leading the main trend of the market and also trained so many designer apprentices, all over the local and even relevant prefecture-level County and city of a number of companies, because of my strict teaching, as well as focus on the training of students abilities and creative development, highly popular and praised, but due to my desolation, to the design communitys sustained and stable development caused irreplaceable impact but I went off the rails, the hardships of real life, the alienation of once close friends, and everything can not be reversed I am like an infatuated woman in the world, non- You do not marry the same, I have a deep understanding of my heart, I was born foreign exchange people, death is the foreign exchange ghost! For a long time, I have been wondering: foreign exchange is either up or down, just buy in, whether it is to do up or down, the success rate should be 50% to but why from my transaction records to see, found 30 consecutive loss single, God, 50% chance how can 30 times in a row do not appear? Obviously, the problem is not in this area, in order to find out this now sounds very childish answer to the question when it took me a few years of time can imagine, in the absence of guidance, haphazardly blind blind foreign exchange career is how difficult to move! In repeated attempts, repeated failures, I began to become self-destructive, why God wants to play such a trick on me? At this point, a friend to tease me, give up, man, you are not doing this material ah you are not learning this profession, why can success it I shit, Chairman Mao is a graduate of the Military Academy? My dad never entered the door of the mechanical college, how agricultural machinery is not a he can not repair? Is it, to do foreign exchange success must be as people say to pure blood? To have a strong capital, to have a high level of guidance? If so, then Im hopeless I know that at this time, I already seem to have no way back, there are only two options in front of you, one is to brace yourself and the second is to give up completely, another plan to make a living As for the latter, I know it is impossible, are ready to do the foreign exchange ghost, can still give up? In the end, there is only one way to go, is to continue to go on but there are several problems in front of the urgent need to solve, how to deal with basic family expenses? Where will the research money needed to continue to invest come from? At this time, the heart began to produce regret, not regret the choice of this endless thorny speculative road, but regret to find a wife now so that she can give her bad how to say, when people are also hot characters, tall, beautiful, gentle, originally expected to marry me can live a good life, it seems, the bet is wrong In fact, looking for an object is also a bet, business is also a bet, life as The same as foreign exchange is a bet just a little better foreign exchange, because the loss can start over, and some things in life there is no turning back! I know that at this time I have not had a crisis of confidence, at least there are still some good friends, when I heard that I was a little strapped for cash, quick to lend me money also part of once I helped them design a house, out of and I get along with a period of observation, trust me as a person, after hearing that I specialize in foreign exchange, they thought I was doing foreign exchange this line can also be as good as I do design, so The large and small accounts are entrusted to me to do of course, the big here can not be very big, in that city of ours, everyones investment concept is not so high, can give a 1,20,000 accounts to you to operate on your behalf, is considered to be very trusting of you at that time, the profit is not stable, because the pressure of life, I am anxious to make money in fact, everyone understands, money this thing, the more you need it, the more it is far from you so The days of earning and mending the east wall passed quickly. In the end, I still couldnt earn the money I had promised to my wife and parents, and the bright future I had prepared was like a pavilion in the sky, which can only be seen from afar but not played with. The companys business is a good example of a company that has been in the business for a long time. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and you can also find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time. I even beat myself with the heel of my shoe because I was too stupid to know that here should be into more, but the result is to do the empty, obviously fancy and wait for several days of the market, and finally came the day, I either hold the reverse single is washed out of the fly, not to mention the body of the fish, even the mouth of the fish did not catch, the fight! Think about the pain! Instead of envy of the abyss, how about retreating to the net! The reason why has been obsessed with foreign exchange, not because of gambling, defiant but because they feel very suitable to do this, of course, the most important because of interest to make a difference in a certain industry, the premise is that you must first love the industry, otherwise, God is a floating cloud to do foreign exchange people, in fact, are doctors, but there are good doctors and quacks only good doctors can find their own shortcomings, and for their own defects Prescribe a set of prescriptions, and then decoction, if a one-time no cure, you can also open a second or more I also try to deconstruct themselves, to analyze the market foreign exchange market is nothing but three ways to run the first is: unilateral market (unilateral up or unilateral down) the second is: reversal market third is: oscillation disorderly market the most no operational value when the first to exclude the third oscillation market, leaving only the reversal and Unilateral reversal can be judged by the trend line breakthrough, channel breakthrough or indicator divergence, while the unilateral market is to follow the trend is so simple, I have to do is to solve the problem of how to distinguish, and how to operate for the unilateral market and reversal market, I have tried various ways, especially for some external indicators of fascination not only to write their own, but also to the Internet to download free, and even pay people to buy It is not difficult to get some indicators, but it is difficult to test and confirm the validity of the indicators because the same indicator in different currencies, due to its different activity and the results are different, even if the same currency, in different time frame performance is not the same effect verification of an indicator is still so difficult, not to mention that I have tried about thousands of indicators debugging and testing spent an unknown number of days and nights, there are Finally, from thousands of indicators to find a few repeated verification, including different currencies, different times, different cycles, before finally being able to confirm and for the unilateral market, but also prepared a own smooth recipe: the trend is invincible, follow the trend, wave market, retracement only to continue the channel is not broken, the trend does not change, head formation, still need to confirm To say that over the years, my gains, which can all contain endowed with waves, Venn, the soul of the Dow using different time only framework, to capture different time cycles in the same point of resonance wow, performance began to have a significant improvement! Since then, my system along with my trading career continues to improve, I am a person who loves to think, a week down, I will do the unsatisfactory single for repeated research, I judge whether the single do good or bad, not entirely to win results as a judgment, I have to consider the initial entry point, profit and loss ratio and whether they are in line with my entire trading system so that the constant correction Bodhisattva blessing, finally as I wish. In my can no longer raise funds to do the final verification of the same time, from the analysis of the results, my system clearly told me, success! In fact, for the success of the system, there is no assessment criteria, personally, as long as the system in line with your own trading habits, style, and time, and can guarantee a success rate of 80% or more is good, because 100% accuracy of the indicators is not impossible, but I do not need because 20% of the error can be completely compensated for through capital management I have a successful in line with their own perfect Trading system, but I did not rejoice like mad, because through these years in the baptism of this market, I am no longer emotionally volatile, temperamental kid, these years of trading, the achievement of a mature, stable character I know the future is still a long way I have a lot of things to do and the first order of business is that I have to solve the real verification of funds! So, I went to a Shanghai investment and finance company, as a trader and analyst to say that some people will certainly not believe, but I want to tell you that it is true that I am the first day of contact with foreign exchange to do the demo account because at first to open an account, you need to prepare ID cards, but also to deposit remember that day is Friday to open the account, afraid to miss the next Mondays trading market, and so the afternoon account down on the impatient to send money Remember that the platform seems to be Hong Kong, remittance speed is quite fast, Monday morning up to the account, but unfortunately then a short-lived account, sucked most of my money seems to have not been canceled, last year inadvertently turned the drawer, found the record of this account password and related funds, logged in, looking at a loss, a lot of emotion! Since then, never opened a demo account, one because it is a simulation, profit and loss did not feel, secondly, because compared to the real account, the simulation of the market is very unstable, and the next day can not be logged, so, simply the real thing to do if history can repeat itself, to start over, I will still choose the real money to do, I like the real money losses and profits, even if it is the burst of the position to bring the kind of heartfelt Feelings! My success needs these profound experience of the impact thanks to the Shanghai investment company, to my growth has played a role in the road to push because their company only do a platform in Hong Kong gold, silver no foreign exchange, but I always did not understand, since doing this gold and silver customer funds to play overseas, why not simply the foreign exchange platform also agent up, so that one to enrich the customers investment needs second But in the end, only gold and silver can be done, so that gives me an excellent opportunity because in that time, I do foreign exchange all the technology dedicated to gold and silver above in fact, silver is golds older brother, gold big brother up silver older brother also subverted to follow up in the end is actually dedicated to the study of gold because of the single currency, so the energy natural Focus on this process, gave me a profound experience, let me thoroughly understand that, in fact, in this speculative market, the investment object does not matter, if you can do well, do a currency is enough I am a perfectionist, for there has been 80% success rate of the trading system is still not satisfied not because the success rate wants to continue to improve, but because to meet this condition is not a lot of cases, a week at most The companys oldest brother also always complains that the volume of transactions is too small, the number can not get up to make money is only the benefit of customers, the company has no meaning I am an extremely sensitive self-esteem, can not afford to be aggrieved thus in customers and the company Double pressure, forcing themselves to temporarily compile a short term trading system, in line with the entry but customers can not make money, not because of the accuracy of the trading system, I measured, the success rate of 70% should be about the same but everyone knows that foreign exchange is a probability game, especially to do the super short term, that is, in the premise of 70% success rate, you do 10 consecutive single, may face 3 single Loss, and in the short term trading, profit and loss ratio is difficult to improve to 2:1, and the operation, the variables are too large, the customer requirements are very high, in the process of shouting single, often appear to buy point shouted, but the customer has not entered, because they are waiting, why, people have to verify that you this point into the right ah? When they verify that it is indeed right, only after the official entry, in fact, at this time from the best buy point has a certain price difference, completely belong to the high operation, the next is to take profits called close positions, at this time customers will look at their accounts, only profit so little, not out first, feel the market will continue to it? So continue to take, will profit and loss into loss, and finally simply stop loss also removed, and even more, but also counter-trend fill positions and all this operation is your trader did not know, and so the market is finished, you feel good about yourself, is ready to relax themselves, when the old boss came over, ------ what is going on ah? Just now the customer called, said the single loss of how much how much a head are blinded, what happened? Go online, contact each other, call him (her) screenshot over a look, ah, my God! The next period of time, is to give these customers lessons, training, tell him (her) why you can not chase high, why this position to come out, why here to stop loss look at them is to understand the shape of the situation, I am helpless inside not I do not want to teach them, I spent years to change over these human shortcomings, how can ask them to change over in a few days? Whats more, some of them dont even know how to operate a basic computer, so whats the point of talking about trading discipline? Besides, people are a few dozen years old, will spend time to learn and summarize, do not think about it again people have to spend time to go to the beauty salon to dress up, to go to the teahouse will lover who will spend time to learn you this boring K-line combination? So, the losses continue to lose, only in the event of a good market to do up profits, and then make up for the usual short term losses for the company, it seems to meet the standard, but I say, in fact, this is the greatest destruction because the operation is against the heart and does not meet the best conditions is the biggest challenge to a robust and profitable style is very easy to disrupt the mentality, thinking, ideas to disorder, the mentality of loss is the traders taboo, I I know that such a company I can not continue to stay because of the actual experience in Shanghai with the company and face to face with customers, in the next few intentional companies, I did not choose, before agreeing to go, I have put forward my request, need to talk to the boss on the phone once, but the results are very disappointing, because their philosophy are similar, do not care about the customers profit and loss, only need to be able to take the customer how much money each month How many hands to complete the world is black! Later years, the domestic launch of the gold, silver platform, led by the Tian Tong gold, some of the internal leverage up to more than 100 times with the foreign market in the nature of the operation is not much different, but the insider is black to the extreme to Hunan Wei Caijin as the representative of the platform of their agency bosses about me to meet is not just to look at my trading record, and then is to talk about the operating concept, are satisfied, the next to talk about the core issues: to you The next step is to talk about the core issue: give you an account, 100,000 RMB you tell me, how many lots can be brushed? I asked: how much profit is required? The other side replied: do not ask for profit you tell me directly, brush until the position is burst, you can guarantee at least brush how many hands? I was surprised, this is a company account? The other side does not think, "of course not, the customers" dizzy, an investment company bosss concept of vulgarity to such an extent, the platform management is so chaotic this market is not rectification can be? Hunan Wei Caijin such trading platform can continue to develop? Domestic investment companies can be a virtuous cycle, the investment atmosphere can be active? I left that domestic company I thought, I went to get a foreign exchange agent platform to do, because they have the technology, can completely bring customers to make money this idea has several times, but just did not put into action, once on their own trading system and winnings are not absolutely sure, also need to find a few that can be happy work, but also can give themselves the opportunity to exercise the company practice So, I entered in the choice Hangzhou a foreign exchange company this company is quite large, the boss is a 30-year-old, looks relatively simple, the companys finance is a woman, look pretty, not because I am horny, love of beauty, because see such a beautiful colleague, thinking that every day at work can work together, it is very happy! The companys business department is very large, about an estimate, there are more than 40 seats, basically full, every morning they have a regular meeting, the person in charge, Hangzhou side are called teachers, including analysts will go to explain yesterdays market, and then todays forecast to everyone analysis is mainly to facilitate the business department to maintain the existing customers, while in communication with new intended customers have something to say, not to encounter the knowledge of the industry In addition to the marketing department, the company has also set up a finance department, technical services department, finance department, followed by the trading department where I am I came to the trading department, there are 6 positions inside, sitting 4 people began to each other everyone is busy with their own services, because each trader is configured with an account, it is estimated that the companys own funds, but also responsible for about 20 customers shouting orders Self-directed funds before taking over is to sign a contract, while the ID card, account book also pressed in the company contract is nothing more than highlighting the proportion of risk control and profit and loss distribution, including the number of lots traded requirements, as well as customer-related services and requirements because of the previous work in several companies, so it is familiar, and soon entered the role of unfinished business

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