The reason for unstable Forex trading earnings!

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Why did you make profits for four days Whatisforexrebate a row, but on the last forexrebatenetwork day you lost all your profits from the previous days back to the market? And also backed up a bit? Yesterdays profit doubled, but today lost more than half of the whole bestforexrebate so on, in fact, these situations are cashback forex unfamiliar, the market What is forex rebate happening every moment, what is the reason why many people in the trading revenue is unstable, big ups and downs?  A, frequent trading The first and foremost reason, but also many foreign exchange novice most commonly encountered problems, is trading too often! Fixed return foreign exchange short term trading compared to other trading one of the biggest advantages is the signal is relatively more, but this is also a big problem, because the signal is too much, there are often some false signals appear, so we have to do is to screen the signal, the bad signal excluded, rather than frequent trading in the market with the more you trade you are more likely to encounter these bad signals, reduce the shot, do a good job signal Some fixed return forex short term traders just learned a couple of new techniques to win some money, they began to be proud of themselves, thinking they can easily beat the market, however, overconfidence is usually not too good downfall trading is their own business with the market, we should have confidence in their own trading, these self-confidence is from thousands of hands of replays, simulations, and our trading experience. We need to be confident in our own trading, which comes from thousands of lots, simulations, and our trading experience, but not overconfidence! Always keep an empty glass mentality to face the market is the wise move Third, risk control One of the key causes of many fixed return forex short term traders trading ups and downs, is poor risk control! Technology and mentality are the tools we need to make a profit in fixed return forex short term trading, however, the tools alone is not enough, we must have some understanding of the market, sometimes even if your technology and mentality is completely fine, but will lose money, then you have to do is not to change your trading, but to control your trading risk risk is always proportional to profits! In the fixed return foreign exchange short term trading will not be an exception, big ups and downs can easily lead to an imbalance in our mindset, and finally unknowingly lost all the positions, than the high risk of high profit trading system, more encourage you to chase the long flow of returns, the first in the trading market to consider is always the first to survive, and then only to consider profits, do not be a short period of windfall to the head, unless you are willing to Take equal risk!  Many investors are in the starting stage of investment and finance, just like the beginning of speculation, the purpose is to make money, rather than a lifetime of loyalty to hold a companys stock or financial products but the actual operation, it is so, bought a stock, down, can not afford to cut the meat, has been holding, until the abortive, bottom, a few years can not turn over! Similarly, do a companys financial management, it completely excludes other companies products, this companys money back, but also lost other opportunities to make money Investment is to gain, not for personal preference or face investment in the appropriate diversification, you can disperse the investment risk alone the results, one is in the sky, one is underground, the chances of these two results are 50%

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