The newcomers to the foreign exchange into this line think twice it is not easy to go all the way

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the first time bestforexrebate wrote an article to tell those newcomers away from foreign exchange, cher What is forex rebateh your family I speculate plus speculate on foreign exchange cashback forex have 5 years, 08 years after graduat Whatisforexrebateg from university to work in the Water Resources Bureau, with me a senior engineer had said to me, learn to speculate, make a fortune on it, when I believed that engineer 08 years ago had speculated to make a lot of money, remember the entire Water Resources Bureau also on him a Earned money after all, his stock age is also more than ten years! Back in the Water Resources Bureau to work two months to the Secretary to write a resignation report! Young do forexrebatenetwork understand anything! I regret to die because high school is more like stocks, when the stock understanding is not much, just in some newspapers can see the opening price and closing price of the stock, then I thought the price difference is much better, some day fluctuations 1 yuan, feel easy to make money idea full of reality is sluggish originally dreamed of going to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, but unfortunately the college entrance examination test 570 points, in Henan can also be a second! To go to the University of Huashui graduate themselves like a donkey off the reins, bent on starting a business in the stock from scratch, childhood also dreamed that even if they had 1 yuan, but also to turn the tide, which is a long-cherished wish from childhood all the way to hardship, began to read the book non-stop, Jahn, Murphy, wrap theory ... Jahn no less than five times, mainly because they are afraid of not eating through, wrap theory to see three years, recently also I am not saying that the book is not, I just want to say that technology and money management rely heavily on your own to do foreign exchange for three years, in DuS open account into the 1100 U.S. dollars, and now there are 90011 years to speculate in foreign exchange, I set the goal of three years to learn, 5 years of stability Life, so learn well light stop loss which is necessary 13 years 6 feel a small insight, resolutely quit a point by selling labor to survive the work, but the account only 300 six months down to 900, someone may laugh half a year to earn 600, not enough to pay the network fee it! However, this period of time is a process of transition from fragmented trading to system trading, I must go through life, so I do not care how much money, after all, the system is the key even after the tripling of the trading model some details of things still need me to deal with, when the biggest problem is how to solve the capital retraction is too large I cloth a long single found account from 900 loss to 650 hard is not well, the recent New Year this Two months is the basic solution to this problem, each cloth single is about 10 points of stop loss, see 4H chart some single 30 points of stop loss someone said you blow it! You first when I blow, in fact, their own cloth single power completely from 5 years since the bottom of the thinking, this thinking caused my account monthly stable losses, a few years in the past is considered to gain some merit it! I put the single thinking is to follow the trend of retracement to create the low, so the grasp is also more satisfied I only do the Australian dollar against the U.S. dollar, there is no energy to look at the second currency pair, the weekly single is also the two or three opportunities, because of the high requirements of the cloth single, so the opportunity is generally that 5 minutes there, miss on miss, and sometimes to wait for that one opportunity to stay up until 6 a.m., the result is really resistant to sleep, and then missed! This is also often the case above is my general situation several years to look back on all the technical analysis are on a probability basis, I had naively tried to seek a 100% certainty of the event on the K line, the ability is not enough to find, I now also think no one can find (through technical analysis 100% certainty of the event) so the essence of foreign exchange is gambling so the so-called heavy swing will die and Is there overnight riches in the market? The essence of foreign exchange is gambling, and some cunning players are just waiting for a more certain price to bo, while measuring the failure of the next how much impact on their own layout later? So he wants to long-term survival in this not lack of opportunities in the market, he must look at survival very seriously, so a single single failure to his overall impact is not great, so the list will not be heavy to where, but some can be added to the heavy position by adding positions, but unfortunately, such a high demand for personal quality, so in general, foreign exchange will not earn money fast to where the so-called 1 year does not earn 10 times still good meaning to speculate Foreign exchange, more people call for 100 times the annual return, really can turn so fast? Early to find a little sister to talk about the ideal to go, which has the leisure time to give people manipulation! So this market is no get-rich-quick statement, essentially a gambling, you want to succeed in the first place to boring to read the book, the actual battle to reflect on the summary, and so on a number of years a small new gain, have their own system, really mechanical trading, you find every day is waiting for the opportunity there, that is a kind of loneliness is not understood! And long-term tossing in the market, psychological and physical devastation can not be ignored a probability of making money under the road is really worth disregarding your family, and defiantly to chase? The monotonous life behind you really like it? Think about it, foreign exchange itself is very boring, do not take boring as fun, self-deception author: floating life also gambler

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