The meaning of the composite leading economic indicators

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(a) the mean cashback forexg of the composite leading What is bestforexrebateex rebate indicators (EconomicLeadingIndicator), also known as leading indicators index (1stexofLeadingIndicators), is a series of leading economic cycle of related economic indicators forexrebatenetwork economic variables weighted average it is mainly used to predict the overall economic transformation and to measure the next few months economic trends. In the United States, the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the Department of Commerce is responsible for collecting a series of relevant indicators and weighting them to produce the leading indicators figures. The amount of orders received by manufacturers for consumer goods and raw materials; the performance of manufacturers in fulfilling orders and orders for the delivery of crystals; the rate of conversion of small businesses; contracts for the construction of plants and investment in production equipment; applications for construction licenses, in 1972 dollars; changes in the amount of manufacturers inventories, in 1972 dollars; changes in the prices of sensitive commodities; changes in the prices of the stock market; changes in the prices of Each of the above indicators has the role of forecasting and guiding the trend of economic activity, and their data are often reported quickly through the indicator can predict the future economic trends of the United States, not only for grasping the trend of exchange rate fluctuations, but also for any other investment will be of great Help (b) how to interpret the indicator leading economic indicators than other single indicators can provide more specific information, from investment to business credit, etc., covering the vast majority of the entire economic activity, so some people believe that it can predict the next ten months after the economic situation, and even correctly predict the economic development and foreign exchange market inflection point leading economic indicators published monthly, if the indicator has increased compared to the previous month, it means If the indicator increases for more than 10 months, it means that there is pressure for inflation and tightening of money, but if there is a decline for three months in a row, or even negative growth, it symbolizes an economic slowdown or recession. The impact on the countrys currency

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