The majority of people still do not understand the K-line

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The majority of people do not underst bestforexrebate the forexrebatenetwork K-l cashback forexe What is forex rebate an intermediate product, is the result of the accumulation of Whatisforexrebates, the price itself is a very lagging thing, it is in the human investment psychology after the change, after the capital has flowed into the market, the price jumped after a lot of calculations before displaying in our terminal, so the K-line The delay, accuracy can not guarantee that we see the price of the foreign exchange market on the MT4, is relatively inaccurate, like different platforms different prices, cut to a minute, each platform offer almost all have differences, and involves several quotes, some K-line display information is not quite complete, but we use 30M, more than 1H to see the problem is not too big, send data when there may be Shadow line has reached tens of points, some have not yet arrived, so the price is a platform thing in the foreign exchange market, the price is still a general equivalence concept, is now the dollar standard, the price itself involves the interests of the dollar, not a fair market, he is not like the price in the stock market, the price in the Chinese stock market is relatively more fair, some analysis needs to use the price is pulled by the desire to go, the need to analyze Various interests, in this case can be predicted without looking at the K line out of the trend of the K line is derived from the study of the stock, which has a lot of terminology combination, in the foreign exchange market is not, foreign exchange in the short jump is not a lot, the stock is very much, so some special combination, in foreign exchange is not common we want to understand the price itself, need to understand the market environment in which it is the foreign exchange market, the stock market, futures markets, etc., they are not a fair market. Stock market, futures market, etc., they represent different meanings, because we want to use it to profit, so we have to pay attention to all of its information We first look at how the price is generated, each price is a separate decision, a global standard for a currency, it is generated by a process that includes bank quotes, interbank market mechanisms, terminal calculations, etc., the mechanism is fixed, and analysis We will not talk about it here, we will talk about it to the terminal after we look at the plate and the impact of the transaction after the price reaches the terminal contains what information: the price of the figures of the global peoples game of equilibrium, which is a dynamic result, the basis of the global game, similar to a state of Nash equilibrium, we are not aware of each others decisions, and think that their decisions are optimal, this equilibrium The equilibrium will reach a dynamic equilibrium because of the continuous changes in prices, and dynamic equilibrium regardless of the global game of long and short is equivalent to human psychology, psychology is affected by past and future events, we are a comprehensive assessment of the past and the future, and then decide to invest in the tendency, the current price of the time properties and the location of the property information, the current price in the year, the fundamentals of the front and back, the day in the The price continuity must reflect the desire to deal with the current price, because the individual price does not have the property of continuity, it is only the current position, the volume in the foreign exchange is the number of price changes, disguised as an indication of the activity of the transaction, but can not accurately reflect the number of transactions, foreign exchange inside the various banks are not released the real volume of transactions, so the individual A price is not to judge the long and short, only the position information, when there is a second price, there will be short-term direction information, of course, there will be information on the duration, but it is not the same time interval quoted, it can be short-term quotes very quickly, can also be very slow short-term quotes, the K line is a fixed period of the number of offers, such as 5 minutes, 30 minutes, so if the price of each change once drawn and our K-line is not the same, the offer is drawn on the price is uniform, the K-line is uniform in time we see how the K-line formed, the price is constantly changing up and down, we fix a time period, such as 30M, then the statistics it will appear a range, the formation of the K-line, including four parameters, the opening closing, the highest price lowest price summary down the K-line In total, there are four types of price changes: bald K-line with market information is the least, that is, the price of continuous up, with the upper and lower shadows of the K-line are respectively with an inflection point, the fourth K-line information is the most. So we conclude that 1: the K-line with the upper and lower shadows to determine the market is the most meaningful shadow length, or entity is a cross, from the perspective of providing market information is no difference in terms of the four elements provided by the K-line: the opening closing, and the upper and lower two inflection points (shadow lines) inflection point means that there is an inflow of funds, there is an inflow of funds to assess the current, and then there is an inflow of funds to assess the current This is similar to the wave theory inside the five waves K-line opening closing and before and after the K-line cycle tangent, the middle is no inflection point, just two consecutive prices cut by time, so do K-line forecast can only refer to the upper and lower shadow line of the inflection point, and can not go with the opening closing price forecast so the K-line provides two elements of certainty: the upper and lower shadow line (inflection point) Conclusion 2: K-line with a shadow line before there is a forecast We predict the value of the shadow line information, a K-line basic information we can judge from the shadow line, but the complete information needs to be confirmed before and after the current two K-line a K-line only the inflection point information is complete, the opening closing K-line needs to be before and after the K-line to determine whether the opening closing is also an inflection point, if confirmed, then the information is more, the upper and lower shadows are inflection points, the opening closing is also an inflection point So from the before and after relationship, the complete information of a K-line comes with four points of inflection, which is the best K-line when making predictions, but all such K-lines are able to determine a result of three adjacent K-lines to determine a complete, so a K-line is the present, the previous one is the past, the next one is the future, the past and the future to determine the current K-line in the environment as well as the value of course the last K-line do not need to get out of the complete can determine whether the previous ones closing is an inflection point and where the location of the inflection point, we just need its inflection point in the K-line on the line single K-line information all revealed, red is before and after the K-line then 1 K-line in the case of the most information in several forms of expression: we use the depth and duration of the inflection point and the intersection does not intersect to come up with these four models, note that the four Model of the relative angle of each inflection point length are unchangeable here without considering the amount of jump and the location of why the derivation process can do a single is too complicated to speak, here directly to the conclusion 3: First look at the two non-intersecting black line below including the front K line is consistent, is a certainty to do more opportunities (for the sake of convenience here named model 1) also have the opportunity to do more, but and the front one is not too, if the front of a K-line is the fundamentals, then here is where the direction will come out, is a single opportunity, but not certainty, its certainty to be judged according to the situation of the next K-line, here is the basis of the winning rate in the case of maintaining consistency in doing a single, every time you do here can also make money (model 2) two intersecting reversals to play back the state shows that the reverse funds very strong, the positive push is very weak, if the fundamentals in front of a K-line, this is two strong funds touching together, for the time being is no certainty of direction, and finally to see who is stronger (model 3) reverse back to the state also indicates that the current positive push is very weak, but the front of the funds show very strong, need to be followed by a K-line verification information to determine to do unit placement, the win rate is lower than model 2, than Model 3 win rate is high (model 4) look at the plate to see the information incomplete bald K lines together to see, find the inflection point which, after determining the opportunity to do single as shown, the plate certainty of the two opportunities to do single for red and pink, are model 1, red to promote as well as the part of the K-line combination involved green for model 4, the upper and lower two are very strong, behind the verification, the front can do, very simple red is Model 1, pink green is model 2 red is model 4, green is model 2, pink is model 1 plate with complete information about the dominant K-line trading opportunities is the swing direction, look at the K-line trading do are persistent, because it stop loss is very small, there is an opportunity to enter, except that it is poorer for external risk processing, multi-cycle is to K-line preparation, such as you look at the day K-line do intra-day swing Some technologies are not suitable for multi-cycle switching, but the analysis of the K-line because the price is continuous, the K-line will contain a lot of information, sometimes take a big wave, the K-line internal inflection point, there may be more than four inflection points, which contains more information to see the traditional technology to explain the K-line must not be fooled, no matter what combination, must contain complete information to have reference significance For example, the red three soldiers, dark clouds, stars and other applications to the stock need to understand the fundamentals, analysis of the index no problem, analysis of the index in the analysis of individual stocks here is only the most basic knowledge of the K-line, other technologies may not be used to analyze the K-line, but understand the K-line will allow you to understand the plate more thoroughly and profoundly, the transaction will also have a great enhancement between the combination of K-line comparison, as well as K-line walking into the wave inside The change or more accurate way of entry, you need to add other elements, relatively complex, such as the opening walk a what, and the closing walk a what and the relative position of the two brings the meaning is not the same, there is an opportunity to speak later on the number of people simply do not understand the K-line

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