The main performance of foreign exchange trading risk

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   forexrebatenetwork What cashback forex forex rebate market investment speculators, often say how the foreign exchange market how to make money but we look at it from another perspective, it is the fluctuations of the global exchange market as bestforexrebate, whether it is to participate in foreign exchange transactions of individuals or banks, enterprises, as long as there is foreign exchange, there is foreign exchange risk Generally speaking, people will suffer losses due to changes in exchange rates Whatisforexrebate will lose The possibility of the expected benefits called foreign exchange risk usually will also bear the foreign exchange risk of the amount of foreign currency called the risked part since the implementation of the floating exchange rate system in 1973, currency exchange rate fluctuations frequently, not only the magnitude, and a variety of major currencies often appear between the strong and weak, the status of the situation of mutual conversion of our country before the reform and opening up, because has been the implementation of strict foreign exchange management, exchange rate adjustment mechanism rigid, and most Foreign-related enterprises have not really become the main body of self-sustainability, so foreign exchange risk is mainly borne by the state With the advancement of Chinas foreign exchange system reform, Chinas entry into the WTO is approaching, banks, enterprises have been unable to rely on the governments shelter, therefore, how to prevent foreign exchange risk has become a bank, enterprises, individuals of the most urgent foreign exchange risk is one of the performance: foreign exchange risk due to the exchange of domestic currency and Foreign exchange risk to foreign exchange for the business of foreign exchange bank risk is mainly foreign exchange risk bank outside of the enterprise in foreign currency loans or loans and foreign currency loans, loans and foreign exchange transactions, the same risk also occurs when individuals buy and sell foreign exchange also exists risk foreign exchange risk of the performance of two is: in order to future foreign exchange transactions and the national currency and foreign currency for Exchange, due to the future transactions when the applicable exchange rate is not determined, and therefore there is risk This is the general enterprise to foreign currency denominated trade transactions and non-trade transactions, so also known as the transaction settlement risk foreign exchange risk is the third is: the enterprise for accounting and foreign currency claims, debts, etc. when how to evaluate the problem of the national currency, such as in the final account, evaluation Claims, debts, because the applicable exchange rate is different, it will produce differences in the book profit and loss, so also known as evaluation risk or foreign exchange translation risk foreign exchange risk performance of the fourth is: economic risk refers to the enterprise or individuals future expected earnings due to changes in exchange rates and may be subject to loss of risk foreign exchange risk performance of the fifth is: country risk that is, political risk it refers to the enterprise or individuals foreign exchange transactions due to state coercive force and the termination of the The possibility of losses caused by 

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