The key to winning for investors - money management

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In the U.S. f forexrebatenetworkancial community has done th What is forex rebate survey: to be able to win long-term financial investment, the most important thing is not when, what price to buy stocks, but how much you buy is the terminology of the investment community: Whatisforexrebate bestforexrebate   investors should underst cashback forex the importance of money management in the investment market, even if you do not know how to analyze technology, rely on effective money management can be profitable in the market. The analysis technology, rely on effective money management can be as profitable in the market when you have not learned the importance of money management and recognize the importance of money management, you are still just an insignificant small investors, in the market a while to win money a while to lose money, has always been unable to earn big money, (the large fluctuations in funds is the performance of immature investors), only when you recognize the importance of money management and learn money management Only when you realize the importance of money management and learn money management, you can experience the pleasure of becoming a market winner (money management is the basis for long-term survival and sound profitability of investors in the market) A. Definition of money management Money management is defined by many people only as the concept of risk control (stop loss), in fact, money management contains two parts of position management and risk control to keep the green hills in, not afraid of no firewood to keep the strength to survive tomorrow, than todays profit is also important   A good professional investor should also limit the amount of their own transactions each time, you can not predict your next transaction is actually a profit or loss of foreign professional futures, allowing you to learn from experience in the market many times, a small amount of losses, but does not allow speculators to appear a large loss risk management is mainly related to stop loss, stop profit successful investors, is to see who laughs to the end, who will Can laugh the best risk management is to enable investors to survive in the market for a long time, laugh until the end, laugh the best, in the best opportunity when there is still money in the market trading because from the perspective of probability, only to complete a certain number of transactions to reflect the true effectiveness of your trading system, can not just look at the profit and loss of a certain number of transactions to evaluate the performance of trading good or bad so in the market can survive for a long time, complete A successful trading investors the necessary number of transactions, in order to reflect the benefits of the investors trading system At the same time, investors especially in the early stage of entering the market, especially the need for investment experience and experience, earning money is a secondary matter, control the volume of transactions and risk management is the most important constant learning from the market at the same time their own funds will not hurt, when your experience is sufficient, you can have the determination capital to fully show Your talent is like a student just started working, due to inexperience, there will be a lot of mistakes, which is acceptable, as long as there are no major mistakes, the boss will recognize your mistakes, the boss also understands that new people need a certain amount of training time, when you gradually mature, the boss will be a big plan, big projects to you to operate repeat the old investment behavior, can only get the old results if you want to make The results become good, you must first change the old investment behavior, in accordance with the 3% of the markets successful investment guru investment ideas operation Second, the masters eyes position management Position management includes the combination of investment varieties, the size of each transaction capital use, the number of additions, etc. Most of the concept of people are always looking for a high accuracy rate of trading methods, trading system, however, assuming the same trading opportunities Factors, the most critical factor in the system is the size of the investment at the time of profit and loss General investors do not quite understand this concept, I was in the initial years of the investment process, also looking for a set of high success rate of trading methods, trading system, in addition to the emphasis on the stop loss, did not pay attention to the importance of position management in the transaction of a lot of profits, but finally look at the bill, the result is a loss I was thinking In order to be successful, you must learn from the top investment gurus, learn their ideas, their approach, this is the best and fastest way When reading the book of investment guru Soros, I saw this sentence: grasp a good home run, you do not do right enough, you have to get as much as possible and there is Soros successor, Quantum Fund Manager Draken. Miller said: When you a deal full of confidence, you have to give the other side a fatal blow, do the right deal is not enough, the key is to make as much profit as possible to fill the $ 400 magic miraculously into more than $ 200 million investment guru Richard Dennis said: 95% of the profits come from the home run. Dennis said: 95% of the profits from 5% of the transaction U.S. futures competition winner Martin Schwartz said: more than 200 trading days a year, 200 in about the time is a small loss of small gains, and in the other 50 trading days to get big profits, that is, 4/5 of the trading time to break even, 1/5 of the time trading time big gains these top investment gurus have illustrated the size of the grasp trading position. Especially in doing the right deal when the size of the trading position is important The best capital operation mode: three times into the field, profit after closing half of the position, has earned back the cost, and then wait for more additional profits This is when your mind is very good, you are not afraid to sit back and lose the opportunity to make big money (plus size to position profit as a prerequisite, position wrong standing stop loss) Three, stop loss do not fall in love with your losses Financial giants Soros recalled in the book "Soros on Soros" that 1944 was the happiest year of his life, and it is strange for me to say this, even offend others, because 1944 was the year of the Holocaust, and for a 14-year-old boy, it was a rare and exciting and magical experience for a person This was very influential because I had the skills of survival from my elders This is inevitably linked to my The Jewish Soros grew up experiencing the fascists of World War II and spent his childhood in fear and excitement, developing unique survival skills. His father taught him some valuable lessons about survival skills: Its okay to take risks, but when taking risks, dont bet everything you have. Destructive risk Futures, stocks, foreign exchange market success are only 3% of the people, these futures, stocks top guru story, they all have a commonality is, that is, pay particular attention to risk control commonality is to say that so the successful people must comply with the principles, so you want to become a successful investor, you must follow the principles of risk control Fourth, the crocodile principle Successful traders are following a simple trading Principle crocodile principle The principle is quoted from the way crocodiles devour: the more the bitten prey struggles, the more the crocodile gains If the crocodile bites your foot, it waits for your struggle If you use your hand to help break free your foot, then its mouth will bite your foot and arm at the same time, the more you struggle, the more you bite So, in case the crocodile bites your foot, your only chance of survival is to sacrifice a foot, the strong man short feet When you are in the When you are set in the market, the only way is to immediately stop loss, no matter how much you lose, the more you add the more you will be set The top investment gurus have recognized that losing money in the market is an integral part of the transaction, the key is that you have the strength to continue trading tomorrow Riley Hayter analyze risk from three perspectives: face risk, control risk, avoid risk face risk in the emergence of risk immediately and timely treatment, can not delay investment The industry is famous jargon: not afraid of mistakes, the most afraid of delay So rather miss the opportunity, rather than risk not necessary Riley. Hites insights boiled down to two words: 1, if you do not gamble, it is impossible to win 2, if you lose all the chips, it is impossible to gamble again V. 3 methods of stop-loss 1, material stop-loss method: based on the market trend, according to the price reversal point (graphics, technical indicators signal), the signal of the trading system as a stop-loss, refer to the previous analysis of the introduction of technology 2, only the heart of the stop-loss method: based on the investors capital The amount of loss based on the amount of loss to a certain amount immediately stop loss, such as to 2%, 10%, etc. 3, material + material stop loss method: the above two want to combine, but also the method I use Foreign exchange volume formula: foreign exchange buy volume = (the amount of account funds material stop loss %) & divide; (the magnitude of the material stop loss) The inventor of the U.S. William indicator investment guru Williams said: money management is my investment I feel that it is not an exaggeration to say that the key to winning comes from the investors money management, not the so-called magical analysis system or the mystery of divination Successful trading will make money, successful trading combined with top money management skills will create great wealth

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