The Japanese division milk sink god to become

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small impression of Japanese girls have always been stuck What is forex rebate the kawaii dripping secondary girls or has been bowed bestforexrebate waist around the husband group of good women do not know that they are actually wisdom and beauty of the Whatisforexrebate forexrebatenetwork gods! (I can only say that I am too ignorant ~ instant worship 10,000 times) I can not help cashback forex sigh, who said that women are not as good as men? Nowadays, the foreign exchange market is not just a battlefield for men to dominate, but also a wave of women who are not to be underestimated, the handsome men are not feeling precarious? It might be worth letting me take you to find out in recent years, Japan emerged with a number of frying foreign exchange fame division milk exchange gods they initially but holding a little private money, playing with foreign exchange, the results, the class busy with household chores, only to have time to the computer speculation foreign exchange wife, some become family breadwinners; some just two months, from ordinary housewives, into a million people admire the division milk exchange gods morning housewives, night exchange gods day. In the daytime, the home is a comfortable nest; late at night, the same home, but into countless Japanese womens FX battlefield FX is the Japanese foreign exchange (ForeignExchange) short for foreign exchange market entry capital threshold is lower than the stock market, the opening time for housewives work schedule, is the main reason to attract Japanese wives into the market FX Beauty Club, is a group of like-minded Japanese housewives set up to share their experiences. In addition to regular meetings, the club also has a weblog, not only for members to leave questions, but also to publish individual members investment performance tables, economic data and other information, the content of everything, well organized, the professional level of the wives, absolutely not to be underestimated! The soul of the FX Beauty Club, is 41-year-old Torii Wan You Mei she began to speculate in foreign exchange in 2006, within six months to earn more than 10 million yen (about 700,000 yuan), a glorious record, is a crowd of speculative foreign exchange teachers milk idol August 2007, more will be their own research into the compilation of the heart of speculative foreign exchange into a book, published "FX de month 1 million storage ける private method" (I use the method of speculative foreign exchange earn 1 million yen a month) once released, that climbed the Japanese amazon financial book list first, within two months sales of 70,000 copies of Torii Wan You beauty popularity soared, "Japan Business" to feature her winning tips, "The New York Times" (NewYorkTimes) also dedicated to interview her recent months, Mrs. Torii has become a major financial media, womens magazines hot interview subjects earn 1 million yen a month Mrs. Torii investment in the foreign exchange market, take daytrade (same-day trading) way, regardless of profit and loss, are in the same day delivery is completed busy daytime household chores, she can only at 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., to complete all the household chores, after the family is asleep, only to have a slot on the Internet, and international bankers betting although the time to use the market is very limited, Mrs. Torii still have repeated gains a week only 3 days of speculation, each She is able to earn 1 million yen a month, which is higher than many people who work in large organizations with good jobs! The most common combinations include GBP/JPY, GBP/USD and GBP/CHF. She usually sets the leverage ratio at 100 times in order to get a bigger return on the investment amount ranging from $50,000 to $200,000. The husband lost 6 million yen, lost 15 million yen, some people lost all their hard-earned money, these are not isolated examples, Mrs. Ito, who lives in Nagoya, is one of them Every evening after she washed the dishes, she went online to buy and sell pounds and Australian dollars. Mrs. Ito, 36, said: I wanted to increase our savings, but somehow fell into the Japanese Daiwa General Research and Development Table reported that in 2007, Japans retail investors lost a total of 300 billion to 400 billion yen in investment losses in the general public perception, carefree housewives involved in the currency market, but only to make money to buy flowers, but the fact is quite surprising for the children to get a better education, pay off the mortgage as soon as possible, and to get a better education. Education, early repayment of mortgage, for retirement and other reasons, are wives involved in foreign exchange trading motivation wearing kimono Mrs. Watanabes subvert the international exchange market over the past year and a half, thousands of Japanese housewives into the network exchange market transactions by the male dominated by the Japanese trading and investment community ridiculed them as wearing kimono Mrs. Watanabes (Kimono-cladMrs. Watanabes). Watanabes), but this group of kimono speculators, but the formation of a powerful enough to call the tune of the financial predator Soros even pointed out that they are the global stock market in February 2007, a day evaporated more than 600 billion U.S. dollars in market value of the culprit until the eve of the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, including housewives, the amount of Japanese private network foreign exchange transactions, an average of $ 9.1 billion per day, trading in the Tokyo exchange market Many Japanese housewives trade foreign exchange through margin trading, the amount is often millions of dollars This way higher profits, but also higher risk U.S. subprime mortgage crisis swept the world, Japan, a large group of housewives, was hit hard but most of them said they will continue to engage in foreign exchange trading almost lost all their savings Mrs. Ito said she would put the only remaining 1000 dollars to buy and sell foreign exchange, because to lose money to earn back, this is the fastest way Mrs. Toriis speculation tips pre-set stop-loss instructions so that you do not need to spend every second to pay attention to the foreign exchange market trends, but also do not have to worry about profit and loss, so that the whole day disturbed at the end of each month will be the full amount of profits taken out, while preserving the capital, but also to maintain self-control, so as not to gamble more and more, the muddy foot deep in the timing Review and reorganize your investment goals, amounts, and strategies, especially for failure cases, you should learn from your mistakes and correct them immediately, and never turn a blind eye to your investment weaknesses.

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