The investment habits of Warren Buffett and George Soros

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In the eyes of the nation, Warren cashback forex Whatisforexrebate the god of bestforexrebate, Soros is the supreme speculator, the two are like the yin What is forex rebate yang poles, the difference can not be greater However, Mark Tylor is unique, forexrebatenetwork on the surface they have little in common, investment methods seem to be a world of difference, but if there is something that they will do, it may be crucial, or even their After carefully analyzing the two mens thinking, decision-making processes and even beliefs, Mark Tylor reveals what they have in common - the exact same thinking habits and thinking methods, which Mark Tylor summarizes as the 23 investment habits that led Buffett and Soros to the top of their lives and that they both practice religiously The 23 investment habits of Warren Buffett and George Soros cover almost every aspect of the investment world, and allow readers to see how investment habits can make or break success, from capital preservation, market mistakes, and concentrated investing, to not doing what you dont know, admitting mistakes, and silence is golden. However, I think Warren Buffett and Soros also have three very important investment habits that Mark Tylor seems to have missed, or not enough emphasis on them are: independent thinking, reverse thinking; simplify, grasp the essence; positive mindset, bold and firm, for example Warren Buffett once said, "The stock market, like God, helps those who help themselves, but unlike God, he doesnt forgive those who dont know what theyre doing." There is a view that diseases like cancer are actually a warning sign, reminding us of the deeper parts of life that we have been ignoring, such as spiritual needs. This is also the case with investors losses, which are actually a kind of warning, reminding us of the deeper parts of our lives that we have been ignoring in our investments, such as our investment beliefs. Very deep anatomy in his view, on how to get investment success, most investors have the wrong beliefs most common misconceptions, he cited seven, namely: to make a lot of money, you must predict the market; "authority" belief; "inside information" is the way to make big money; diversification; to make big money, we need to take big risks; "system" belief; I know what the future will be, the market will confirm these seven fatal investment beliefs like "soul soup", so that many investors go astray recommended that we check each one We suggest that you check each one of these beliefs, and correct them if you have them, or add them to the development of a superb investment philosophy into a habit, Mark Tylors research suggests that: the power of habit is amazing, in front of habit, reason is often unbearable. Warren Buffett himself once made a brilliant statement about habits, saying: "The chain of habit is so heavy that it is imperceptibly light before it breaks" He also said: "In the company, my most amazing discovery is a need for what we call habit - the presence of this overwhelming, invisible force that I never knew existed in business school and that I couldnt intuitively understand when I entered the business world. But I have long realized that this is not the case; on the contrary, the flower of reason wilts and fades when the need for habit comes into play" Yes, the remarkable practice of Warren Buffett and Soros shows that investment success does not depend on formal education, mystical techniques or good luck. The excellent practice of Warren Buffett and Soros shows that investment success does not depend on formal education, mystical techniques or good luck, but belongs to the people who religiously and consistently practice those simple good investment habits behind the superb investment performance, there must be a superb philosophy, and only when the superb philosophy developed into a habit, in order to achieve the "unity of heaven and man", to achieve the highest level of investment because habit becomes natural, habit is the most stable, the most durable, "If Warren Buffett and George Soros continued success in investing is like the continuous flow of the Yangtze River, then their investment habits are the ones that silently escort and protect them. If the sustained success of Warren Buffett and George Soros is like the Yangtze River, then their investment habits are the riverbeds that silently escort them all the way, and they are committed to the riverbeds that have the magnificent sight of "the great river going east, winding for thousands of miles and rushing into the sea". A scene

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