The impact of economic news on the euro

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According to the size of the forexrebatenetwork bestforexrebate caused Whatisforexrebate the announcement, the following What is forex rebate the cashback forex of the impact of relevant economic news on the EUR Here are the statistical results within 20 minutes of the announcement: 1Unemployment(Non-FarmPayrolls) 2InterestRates(FOMCRateDecisions)  3TradeBalance 4Inflation(ConsumerPriceIndex) 5RetailSales 6GDP 7CurrentAccount 8DurableGoods 9ForeignPurchasesOfUSTreasuries(TICdata) TIC -TheTreasuryInternationalCapitalflow(TIC)report The importance of these reports is ranked according to the magnitude of fluctuations throughout the day of publication: 1Unemployment(Non-FarmPayrolls) 2InterestRates( FOMCRateDecisions) 3ForeignPurchasesOfUSTreasuries(TICdata) 4TradeBalance 5CurrentAccount 6DurableGoods 7RetailSales 8Inflation( ConsumerPriceIndex) 9GDP The average price fluctuation actually brought about by these news is (within 20 minutes) For20min-AvgRange(pips) Non-FarmPayrolls124 FOMCDecision     74  TradeBalance    64 Inflation-CPI  44 RetailSales      43 GDP    & nbsp;           43 CurrentAccount  43 DurableGoods       ;39 TICS                 33 TotalDailyRange-AvgRange(pips), the average volatility for the day of publication  Non-FarmPayrolls193 FOMCDecision     140 TradeBalance     129 CurrentAccount  127  DurableGoods    126 RetailSales       125 Inflation-CPI  123 TICS   & nbsp;          132 GDP                ;    110

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