The four animals and a machine in the foreign exchange market

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F bestforexrebatest level: forex gamblers the What is forex rebate carry real money, courageous, defiantly into this in their eyes everywhere is the gold of the supreme place, they do not underst forexrebatenetwork this place also think do not need to understand, they think this is actually Las Vegas, is a casino, as long as lucky enough they will win, they think The market opened its bloody mouth and began to devour their wealth, confidence and courage, their emotions began to become chaotic, fear, greed, hesitation began to intertwine with most of these cashback forex were hit hard, and about 40% of them eventually died and left. About 40% of people eventually die in battle and leave this sad place we call this group of people called - pigs few people began to learn to think, began to understand that they should raise their eyes to take a good look at the place, these people will slowly enter the next stage Level 2: forex trading novice they no longer go to bet, but began to learn to think, began to understand with the mind Walk, they began to look for the footprints left by previous people, learned to try to move forward in places where there is no road but the road is still difficult under their feet, they Whatisforexrebate still constantly injured, constantly losing money, they still can not get rid of fear, greed, hesitation of entanglement they strive to obtain knowledge, technology, methods and strategies through a variety of ways, but few people get the true knowledge, or deep spectrum of the true meaning of which 30% of people due to Talent or other reasons can not enter the next stage and wandering here for a long time or sad to leave we call this type of people called - sheep finally only a few persistent and smart people can gradually step into the next stage Level 3: Forex veterans They have learned how to protect themselves, they understand that only save their own They began to be equipped with a variety of knowledge and technology but they still can not use these weapons and equipment, they need to and these equipment and the market constantly grinding together they move left and right on the way forward, constantly dodging the enemys attacks, they sometimes lose and sometimes gain, their emotions with the changes in the account funds continue to rise and fall, they for a loss and distress, but also for a They are constantly looking for the holy grail of trading, they are looking forward to a way to get rid of the demon of loss, they are eager to have a way to get to the other side of the profits they keep trying all kinds of fancy trading methods and trading strategies, while constantly failing their road is still bumpy, but there seems to be a glimpse of light ahead 20% of people are stuck in this They are living in the market, surviving on a little bit of meager scraps, we describe these people as - dogs finally only a minuscule number of people can step into the next stage of glory Level 4: forex trading masters They ride their emotions as they wish, they no longer have fear and eliminate greed, they decisively cut They spit on and do not rely on luck, because they know that luck not only does not bring them sustained success and stable profits, but will fuel their inner human inferiority They know very well that in order to survive in this market for a long time, sustained success and stable profits, can only rely on extensive knowledge, accurate technology and refined trading strategies and steel-like They learned to quietly listen to the market and react appropriately, and then they found that everything was so simple, their methods were no longer Their methods are not fancy, their strategies are more lack of decoration, everything is simple and effective at this time the market seems to be open for them, the market has changed the hideous, from a ten thousand feet abyss into a real sense of infinite gold mine they began to enjoy the market as a friends return, they began to become rich, all the material desires are provided by the market and realize and reach this realm of less than 10% of people, we call They are - crocodiles those pigs, sheep, dogs are their constant source of food  the highest level: forex trading gurus they daily lazy open computer and trading platform, seemingly careless tour of the news, data and charts and in the face of the lazy is a pair of sharp eyes, they focus, research and mastery of things are not pang, but are the essence of They no longer even need those complicated indicators when trading, they need only a few simple lines and price trends plus their experience and intuition when they decide to trade any human emotion can not control their behavior, they are decisive, calm, ruthless although they will occasionally fail, lose money, but they are now no longer bent on avoiding losses, because they have Knowing that walking in the sunlight shadows can not be avoided they often enter the market is not for money, but to achieve and prove their value because they have understood a truth, if everything you do perfectly, then money as additional rewards will naturally converge to their pockets when they put aside the bondage of money, money is a source of the market in front of them is a huge bank for him to open And they are - ATMs! The difference between them and the trading masters is that they not only gained financial freedom, but also got rid of the bondage of negative thinking These people are rare! Author: white sun V knife

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