The foreign exchange market - the lonely industry of the brave

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People often compare bestforexrebatevestment to mountain climbing, foreign exchange investment forexrebatenetwork the same, this is the lonely business of the brave here to write a personal entry since the industry, a simple underst What is forex rebateing of this industry article, cashback forex for you to read what is brave? See the righteousness, defiantly, in the face of setbacks, the courage to move forward ......, admittedly these can be called brave, but I think the real bravery of mankind is to challenge their own inherent Whatisforexrebateaknesses, so as to complete the self-transcendence challenge self, self-transcendence is the spirit of the Olympics, but also the essence of financial speculation fear, greed is Human psychological weaknesses, and financial speculation, but all the time in the challenge of this weakness chart technology, fundamental analysis, can only come up with a direction of some price, and the ultimate success or failure of the transaction often depends on the psychological from the moment the single transaction, the mind to constantly withstand the impact of greed and fear from the depths of the heart when greed rampant, resulting in the final loss of profits out of the field, chest pounding and can not be lifted When fear spreads, the panic withdrawal of the single market as expected to rise sharply, stifling deplorable in the reckless pursuit of the market but suddenly turn back, a sharp drop until swept out of the field, dumbfounded expressions can not hide the torment of the blood dripping deep inside as long as they are in this market, as long as there is trading, whether it is a fledgling newcomer or a veteran of a hundred battles, this The greatest speculator of the early 20th century, Livermore, in his < Stock Market Trader > had this confession: "There have been many times when I, like other speculators, did not have enough patience to wait for the chance to hit the market. "Why do you let yourself do such a stupid thing when you have so much experience?" The answer is simple, I am a human being, there are human weaknesses "Yes, we are human beings, we are bravely challenging their own weaknesses Napoleon said that soldiers who do not want to be generals are not good soldiers, I think a good general should start from the soldiers, after a hundred battles eventually become the commander-in-chief, and the results of the paper can only be like Zhao Bra brave total annihilation speculation is the same, there is no secret technology, no shortcuts, only the body of experience to become the commander-in-chief. The only way to get to the top of the market is to go through a hundred battles, to sum up in failure, to move forward in frustration, when the body and mind go through a purgatory-like baptism, in order to finally be born as a general in the market all speculators have to go through this process, the big wave, the real survivors on the road to success can only be a few, and the higher the achievement seems to test more and more, Livermore so, Soros also so when When we choose this industry, we will find that we choose the night, choose the loneliness when people about dusk after the famous lines ringing through the night sky, friends meet to party, the lights, we can only be alone to the monitor, quietly in their own trading room when we for the graph of those ups and downs of the K line, cheer, chest pounding; when the harvest profits high spirits, heavy losses discouraged; only to find We are in this world of numbers, staging a one-act play, no audience, no applause, only their own unpredictable market, it seems to always run in the opposite direction of the number of people speculation, even when desperate to buy, crazy to sell shout, are permeated with a strong loneliness when the great Livermore after several bankruptcy, through the pain, hard struggle, rise again, again on the peak of career In addition to the heroic, I believe that more will be the loneliness of the high places, that no one to talk, no one to share only belong to the hero of loneliness People often compare financial speculation to mountaineering, when we choose the industry, as we choose to climb Mount Everest, the risk will always be with us, and to climb to the top of the dream, is the source of our courage and motivation to go forward despite the hardships perhaps Lifetime, we can not reach the summit, but we will eventually no complaints, from the moment we entered the industry, is destined to spill our enthusiasm, wisdom, youth and life Road is long and far, I will go up and down and seek the author: latent sink

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