The difference between foreign exchange and stock investment and the advantages and disadvantages of comparison

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investment in a variety of ways, but each investment method forexrebatenetwork species have obvious characteristics and attributes of their own, in all areas of investment are mostly in accordance with a few people profit most people lose two or eight law in operation but the cashback forex What is forex rebate Whatisforexrebate for most ordinary investors, or have the relative advantages of the following only the most familiar stock market and Foreign exchange market for comparison belongs to different areas of stock bestforexrebate belongs to the securities industry, issued by the regulated listed companies, investors to buy the value-added, allotment of profits, there are fixed trading venues, such as the domestic Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and foreign exchange transactions belong to the banking industry, investors buy and sell not securities certificates, but the currency of each country, the currency exchange rate to determine the rise and fall Investment income domestic investors to buy and sell foreign exchange, in the bank counter or by the bank to open the foreign exchange trading platform, while the stock is through the brokerage electronic platform in the stock exchange settlement in Europe and the United States and other foreign exchange trading open countries, investors are through the market maker trading platform to buy and sell part of the foreign exchange brokerage in the domestic also carried out business transaction mode different stock trading requires full capital For example, the stock market price of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 5 yuan, investors buy lots of 100 (hands for shares), need RMB 50000 yuan while the international prevailing foreign exchange trading using margin method, investors buy a standard lot of euros, the contract value of 100000 U.S. dollars, if the margin ratio of 200:1, investors only need to pay 500 U.S. dollars can be traded at present the domestic commercial banks such as Down that loss; in the absence of T + 0 system, the day after buying stocks can only be sold on the next day at the earliest, while foreign exchange transactions can both buy and sell short, and can be closed at any time for profit or stop loss For example, an investor to 1.2900 U.S. dollars to buy a standard lot of euros, when the price of the euro against the U.S. dollar rose to 1.3000, its earnings of 100 U.S. dollars; and when he sold at the price of U.S. dollars A standard lot of euros, when the euro exchange rate fell to 1.2900 U.S. dollars, its earnings of 100 U.S. dollars despite the current domestic open stock index futures, but for small and medium-sized investors, the minimum 500,000 yuan account opening capital or a certain door limit trading hours are different to A shares, for example, in the transaction at 9:30 a.m. opening, 11:30 to 13:00 closed, 13:00 to 15:00 trading, 15:00 that Closed, in case of legal holidays closed while the foreign exchange market is from Monday to Friday, 24-hour trading, continuous non-stop investors may buy at 8:00 a.m. Japan Tokyo plate time, at 20:30 p.m. the start of the U.S. trading time to sell the continuity of the trading time, to avoid too much closed during the various news triggered by the opening of the market price unexpectedly jumped short or jumped up and from the afternoon European opening to the evening U.S. market opening this time, is the relatively active period of the foreign exchange market, it is a good time period for the majority of Chinese investors to facilitate entry to participate in the market capacity is different to A shares, for example, the active trading period of the daily trading volume of about 200 billion yuan, while the foreign exchange market daily trading volume of 500,000,000,000 U.S. dollars due to the global investors to participate in a market, the transaction volume is huge, no one country or commercial institutions Can control the exchange rate of the national currency, the exchange rate is completely determined by the market Therefore, there is no insider information in the foreign exchange market, especially now the degree of development of the Internet information, decided the global investors to understand the information is basically real-time In summary, the foreign exchange market is a relatively fair market   

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