Successful foreign exchange investors keep the habits

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will forexrebatenetwork make cashback forex, bestforexrebate fact, is controlled by your own investment good (bad) habits Many investors in the financial markets roll over their whole life without achievement, the first big reason is that small money may earn, but often a large amount of regret non-stop loss eat up all the profits, may also be backed Of course, there are investors often in the heart of the secret vow, the next time must be But often the implementation of the stop-loss is not a few times, the old problem relapsed, again What is forex rebate again, and finally lost most of the money in hand, leaving the field in the dark with the words of Nightingale, can be very evocative description of this state of mind: successful people usually keep the habits of losers Whatisforexrebate not like, because they are willing to do what they are not very happy to do, in order to get the fruits of success, however, the losers are only Willing to do what they like to do, and finally can only accept the less than satisfactory results Many investors in making investment decisions, only to their own emotional upset, stubbornly reject all the advice of others and good guidance obsessed with their own bad habits and not consciously Psychologists have studied, the formation of a human habit, at least 21 times must be repeated investor friends, ask yourself, so you often lose money Have you already made 21 bad habits?  If you want to create a new good habit to replace the old habit, you must have strong self-awareness and perseverance to quit the bad habits of investment trading (for example: counter-trend guessing the head guessing the bottom, using the spread method to increase the betting code, stop-loss single stay and cancel, always want to use the short term to earn long term money, etc.), as difficult as quitting smoking However, as long as you try hard, once, twice, ten times after the investor friend you will begin to enjoy and affirm a new This is not an easy task, but it is not so difficult to give yourself confidence, try again, do it a few more times, review with an open mind, self-regulation you will have room to grow and endure a short period of pain, once you develop good habits you will not be far from success!

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