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forexrebatenetwork am currently mainly operating 4H level, I bestforexrebate single frequency What is forex rebate very low but at first the first two years I was doing intraday short, newcomers do intraday, all day was stop-loss can cashback forex find the north because I just entered a domestic company, so I stare at the plate time is very much, bored to play the intraday short, the effect is okay some people may ask long line also do, short line also do, will not be Whatisforexrebate contradictory, then you are wrong if you can distinguish Their own thinking about trading, there is no conflict at all At first I was very opposed to doing intraday, may be before the loss of fear but want to make money in the market, you must be different not to say nonsense, directly about the system it (do trading people never care about other peoples views) trading system tools only two: K-line patterns and 200 SMA main operating ideas: 200 SMA on do more, under do more anti-breaking flat (the price is Walk away, stop and go) other words I do not most, next directly on the chart: I am not against any form of trading   survival is good any system there are flaws, we more review, more observation, the law on the look at the plate average line does not matter, 200 to 300 casual choice, the important thing is the implementation and continuous losses after the courage to open positions, I mainly operate 4H level, work leisure time will operate five minutes short term to do more, to exhaust the body intervals and high and low points are the traditional trend respectively way the center of gravity of the market is the interval we are ordinary people, relying on a pattern of constant compound growth frequent trading is a big taboo, such as today I see more, I will wait for the signal to do more, even if down, it is wrong once the people who make money ideas are the same, losing money but all kinds of different to give you on a high and low points with The chart of the interval market is probability, the system is also probability to say a trading system, to say it is difficult to say it is not as high as the coin flip win rate

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