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forexfactory (forexfactory) see a bestforexrebate strategy post, probably means batch cashback forex trading original post briefly translated as follows: I am a programmer, with 3 years of automatic trading experience testing, I think to reduce entry costs, batch trading What is forex rebate profitable strategy of course to meet the following 4 conditions: 1. Limit trading volume, the first forexrebatenetwork position accounted for 20% of the planned trading volume, such as the plan to trade 0.1 lots, the first transaction 0.02 lots, strict compliance with the trading plan set stop Whatisforexrebate and profit and loss; 2. If the market moves in the opposite direction of their own transactions, the second transaction, position accounted for 30%, that is, 0.03 lots; 3, the market continues to move in the direction of their own disadvantage, for the third trading, the position accounted for 50%, that is, 0.05 lots; 4, all transactions are set the same stop-loss and take-profit points The advantage of doing so is to reduce the cost of entry, reduce the risk of potential profits higher What do you think? Some did not look carefully, the first reaction of some traders may be, this is not a code to spread the cost of it! The losers play like this also this is not so, because the prior has limited trading volume, there is no plus code moderator did not specifically quantify when the second and third transactions have a comment post to give specific strategies: the first transaction in accordance with the prior plan, trading 20% of the total volume, if the plan to trade 0.1 lots, the first transaction is 0.02 lots; the second transaction trigger condition is a loss of 20 points after the The third transaction is to continue to lose 20 points after the loss, that is, the first transaction to this moment has lost 40 points specific conditions according to their own stop loss to set the entry point of the next two transactions second, third transaction can be used to hang a single transaction if the three transactions finally fully touch the stop loss point, the profit is certainly greater than the profit of a one-time entry transaction; conversely, if If all the last trades are stopped out, the loss will certainly be smaller than the loss of a one-time entry trade There are many comments, a variety of views My view is that there are advantages and disadvantages The advantageous aspect is that if the transaction ends up losing money, the loss as described above, the loss will certainly be smaller than the loss of a one-time entry trade The disadvantageous aspect I think there are two points: First, if the first trade into the market immediately after the market in the direction of their own favor Development, you are likely to miss the transaction, if chasing high, transaction costs will become large, and psychological pressure is also large Second, a good deal will not deviate from their own too far a transaction if they deviate from their own 40 points or more, then this transaction is most likely wrong (and will eventually be stopped out) I do not know what you think

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