Profits always take care of themselves and losses never end automatically

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Profits always take care of themselves, and Whatisforexrebatees never end automatically - JesseLivermore Losses are the prerequ What is forex rebateite for profitable forexrebatenetwork profits, ultimately by capturing the bestforexrebate to achieve trading technology is the trend forecasting technology even if the oscillating market. cashback forex so-called "reversal" is also established in the false breakout position near the small stop loss, high profit-loss ratio of low-level trend trend trading is to grasp the prerequisite of a good profit-loss ratio good profit-loss ratio first to confirm the location and magnitude of the stop loss - that is, to do a successful trade Only if you know what the most unfavorable situation is, you can really place an order, even if the result of the transaction is "-1R", it is also a correct transaction at this point, the loss is also a correct component VanTharp once said that the joy of trading is the possibility of loss The purpose of trading The purpose of trading is not to make a profit, but to comply with the trading system. Under the constraints of the trading system, a misjudged market error must not be a real error. The biggest secret to growing a trading account - avoiding losses - is the axiom of compound interest, and a deep retracement of the accounts net worth is the biggest enemy of the compound interest effect. The only reason for a deep retracement is an out-of-control loss. Before starting to win, a trader must learn to stop losing. I never know how much a trade will be profitable to control the size of an R, the rest may as well Leave it to the market trend traders capture the trend, as anglers catch a big fish if you rush to take profits out of the market, it is like catching a big fish but only caught the head of the fish there must be wind to make all the sails, unless the trend ends or reverses, it is better to let profits take care of themselves Michael Magas once said: "Winning battles do not make good use of, to win to the end of the words, what profit to fill the losing money of the deal?" Or Livemore on the previous words to understand more accurately: let the profits run, you harness it to run together the key to the problem in these five words: stop loss more than profit in the face of profit, to try to confuse some, and then confused (

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