Observe the changes in the pattern to understand the foreign exchange market

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Experienced cashback forexvestors know that the worlds most inscrutable, in addition to the mood of women, there What is forex rebate the Whatisforexrebate forexrebatenetwork bestforexrebate, especially recently, what most affect the foreign exchange market? The Federal Reserve, a moment to say interest rate hikes, a moment to say and so on, and the market with the Fed up a little down a little But no matter what, we are to do our best to master the foreign exchange market, such as from the form of the form will be the exchange rate market trend is divided into four stages of bottoming, rising, building head and falling we can observe the exchange rate chart, such as the commonly used K-line chart to determine these patterns Bottoming stage, the exchange rate bottoming Form generally have triple bottom, double shoulder bottom, W bottom and semi-circular bottom, etc. If the bottoming of the horizontal area is larger, it represents a rise in the accumulation of kinetic energy will be more, the greater the magnitude of the rise bottoming should be low buy high sell range operation but, at this time, the risk is greater, conservative foreign exchange investors can wait and see at this time to wait for changes in the market bottoming is completed is the rise phase, because the previous accumulation of a lot of upward momentum, so the height of the rise is generally for the previous bottom. So the height of the rise is generally the vertical height of the previous bottom, strong impulse but encounter difficulties also need to take a short break can still start again at this time is the opportunity foreign exchange investors should grasp the head stage is the late stage of the rise, the obvious feature is the end of the strong, the market attempts to rise again, but the rising momentum has been exhausted to touch the height is difficult to break through the previous high again back to the oscillation trend, there are May enter the down phase The down phase is similar to the up, but in the opposite direction, at this time is still a good opportunity for foreign exchange investors to profit down to a certain extent again in the face of support, again bottoming out In foreign exchange trading, the big market when the trend, the small market when the conservative operation, quit greedy quit impatient to get their desired profit  

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