Novice speculative foreign exchange skills

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Novice speculative cashback forex exchange skills Speculative foreign exchange forexrebatenetwork the most important is to choose a good platform, regular agents, the spread is best bestforexrebate too big, so that the funds are safe, the technology is appropriate want to do or interested in foreign exchange friends, we recommend that you read the technical investment master - Wells Wilder What is forex rebate the financial world legend Elliott can look at their foreign exchange investment experience and foreign exchange technology, if these Experience and technology we can make good use of, then you can be invincible in the foreign exchange market, its investment significance than the stock, futures below to introduce the issues that need attention  1, make good use of financial budget, do not use the necessary funds for capital - gamblers psychological characteristics: the people who suffer from loss and gain, no restraint, excessive tension do not use your life funds as the capital of the transaction. The pressure of money will mislead your investment strategy, increasing the risk of Whatisforexrebate, and lead to greater mistakes  2, make good use of free demo accounts, learn foreign exchange trading - the patience of investors: wait for the moment of positive returns; beginners to learn patiently, step by step, do not rush to open a real trading account, you can try a demo account  3, foreign exchange trading can not just rely on luck and intuition -If you do not have a fixed trading style, then your profit is likely to be very random, that is, by luck this profit can not last  4, the use of stop-loss orders to reduce risk - the courage and determination of the military: the opportunity to strike when it comes  5, the ability to do - the theory of economists: know how to manage the funds and play the funds The maximum benefit of;  6, learn to thoroughly implement the trading strategy, do not find excuses to overturn the original decision - gambler psychological characteristics: the will is not strong people  7, trading capital to be sufficient - gambler psychological characteristics: desperate people  8, mistakes are inevitable, to remember the lessons, do not repeat the mistakes  9, their own worst enemy - know and discover their own strengths and weaknesses, avoid as much as possible  10, record the factors that determine the transaction - to develop a sense of plate, find success, next time do as you do  11, operate with the trend, do not go against the trend - you are operating to grab the bounce, stop-loss orders must be set in the new highs and lows on the bottom  12, do not have the eagerness to turn over the trading mentality - heavy positions: the first step towards the abyss of death & nbsp; 13, each time is an independent transaction - the eyes of a politician: to yield the overall situation  What are the steps to speculate in foreign exchange?   Foreign exchange trading, especially margin trading in general, you need to open an account and manipulate the two steps  A, open an account at present speculation foreign exchange margin is actually the choice of the platform used to speculate in foreign exchange, you can use the platform is very much, at present in Chinas IB (economic people) also a lot of spreads vary, there are fixed, there are also floating   When opening an account to pay attention to a few points:   1, the security of funds to be necessary to choose a regulated, preferably regulated by multiple countries, otherwise more for the gambling platform or black platform;   2, the transaction costs to be as low as possible (of course, not the lower the better, to be in a reasonable range), IB is best not to add points, not to add commission;   3, the stability of the platform to be good, the market and Trading speed response in a timely manner, no slippage;   4, good service, easy and convenient to open an account process, convenient and instant access to funds  Second, manipulation, is the core of the financial securities market to make money, which is actually a science, most of our investors are actually just using their own feelings manipulation, and do not understand the real manipulation techniques real professional manipulators are using the strategy manipulation, is A series of scientific manipulation process, in general these manipulation strategies are mainly divided into:   1, trend breakthrough trading method (characterized by a low success rate, but will try to amplify the profits of profitable orders, such as the famous "turtle trading method");   2, hedging plus trading method (characterized by the need for a lot of money to fight the market, but if there is a historical inflection point in the market, it is devastating risk);  3, grid lock trading method (characterized by very strong profitability in the consolidation market, but once the market enters a unilateral trend, the risk is huge);  4, scalping trading method (characterized by a high success rate, frequent trading, not much profit each time, but to have a reasonable stop-loss control and low transaction costs);  5, cycle resonance trading method (characterized by is the general success rate, unstable profitability, capital ups and downs)   These manipulation methods are more professional and specific, need investors to research and interpretation to help for the understanding of the currency market and make a judgment on the direction of investment how to speculate in foreign exchange is a very broad issue, the need for investors to continue to learn and research 

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