New Home Sales

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Market Sensitivity: Medium Mean cashback forexg: Records current Whatisforexrebate of bestforexrebate single-family manufactured What is forex rebates Posted News at: 10 a.m. EST; published about four weeks after the end of the month of the report Frequency: Once a month Source: Department of Commerce Bureau of Statistics Revisions: Data are often revised to cover the previous three months Why it matters New home sales are seen as a better indicator of timely housing market conditions forexrebatenetwork predict the future economy New homes create a lot of investment jobs, stimulate consumption, and increase production Builders seek loans, purchase raw materials, and hire skilled workers New homes are more expensive than manufactured homes because new homes often include many modern comforts and when Another round of spending kicks in when buyers move in, and occupants re-purchase furniture and other amenities over the next 12-18 months Top investment managers pay close attention to this indicator of new home sales for another reason If consumer spending is about to change direction, youll find that this indicator is the first to change Buying a home is the single largest expense a family will incur unless potential buyers are concerned about their If home sales start to depress, this is a wake-up call to many areas of the economy Banks will stop making home construction loans for fear that builders will have trouble paying back their loans Without the necessary capital, investment in new homes will decline and the demand for home building supplies, materials and construction workers will shrink as a result A severe recession The onset of a crisis is generally subject to a correction in new home sales, sometimes a significant one, as it is necessary to observe the data for at least 3-4 months to identify the impact of trends in new home sales on the exchange rate: traders in the currency market do not show much sensitivity to new home construction There is not much correlation between the performance of new home sales and changes in the value of the dollar

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