Never go against the trend (in-depth good article)

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"All success or failure, are forexrebatenetwork the ability to decide" Many people actually did not underst cashback forex how they make Whatisforexrebate until now, many people will attribute their success to the ability of the results, bestforexrebate fact th What is forex rebate is the biggest sad ... ... ...I myself have been reflecting on many things over the years, and suddenly found that all the successes and failures, to a large extent, are not determined by my own personal ability, but to a large extent by the general trend to decide I wrote an article on the Chinese stock market many years ago, which mentioned why I left the stock market, suddenly just because I felt that my ability is not as good as others, diligent Why should I make money with people in a fully competitive market? The only profitable opportunity for me is actually only one, that is, when the pigs will make money, I have the opportunity to make money ah that is, when the wind comes, such as 06 years, such as 09 years, at that time, the street will hear who made how much, so I can have the opportunity to make money if in a not universally profitable market, I found that making money is generally hard money, that is, with people than physical strength to make money, spend more time, do more research, those are hard money and sadly the more fully competitive market, you will find that even if you work very hard, it is not profitable later derived out to look at many issues, found that in fact not only the stock market, any industry seems to be about the same 2002, many of our students left China to study in the United States, are famous schools, ah, a bullish mess of Famous schools ah, we are left in the country these garbage, more than ten years have passed, we these garbage in the country did not do anything, get married and have children, and then nothing but to buy a house, a set of two sets of three or four sets, and then found that those students who have studied abroad for n years may be more miserable, back home may not be able to buy a house is our ability to do it, not, because we caught a good time, in a big The development of the pattern, the ability is actually not needed we ourselves are also very sad to find that back home, even less than those who did not go to college, they graduated from junior high school, high school graduation began to break into the world, earlier contact with society, earlier in the field of foreign trade to do business, and you because you may be a university graduate, the choice is also more, in turn, not as good as they have better accumulation, especially in the past ten years to make the most money More real estate industry, the general competition is actually guts rather than the ability to "hard money, often not money" in this world, making money things, never hard things you than hard, than those Foxconn workers, than the farmers? But they are more profitable than you? So the world, if an industry to rely on the ability to make money than when you will find that it seems to earn only hard money now a lot of entrepreneurial people, I have always told you that sometimes it is important to choose the general direction of business, because make big money and make small money to be frank, in fact, will be very hard, are very difficult, you open a small store on the road to make money, in fact, it is not necessarily easier than doing a good state-owned enterprises to where it is not easy, but the same hard work, the results are very different this time, the big picture of the big trend is very important, try to do something trendy opportunities, the market as a whole upward opportunities, as long as you do a little better, there is always an opportunity, and some industries, you then how to do, in fact, are destined to the final result will not be good we do investment to invest in a earn is hard money, then we will find that we earn only the average social rate of return So our conclusion or try to downplay the importance of the ability to look more at the trend of investment opportunities, in the general trend pattern, in a certain degree of paving investment, the ability can not be quantified, it is difficult to predict exactly, and the vision of the general trend or there is a certain logic to follow Zhou Hongyi said: there is a competitor will always fight Undefeated, that is, the trend of Sun Yat-sen many years ago, there is a saying called "the worlds great momentum, vast and turbulent, with it will be prosperous, against it will be dead", meaning that you can no longer bully, you can not fight the tide of history, this is the power of the trend but the question arises, what is the trend in the end? "The trend in the will rise, only when there is meaning" trend of this thing, there are several features quite interesting: the first feature is actually the trend only in the will rise, only when there is meaning, too early to see the trend is actually meaningless, too late you will miss too many things Copernicus in the Middle Ages saw that the Earth is not the center of the universe, so it was Fire died, too many too many smart people died in the story of not living in the moment to go, and so on good to hold up to the wind, he has first no and if the trend are seen, in fact, the trend of meaning is gone, when the truth are accepted by everyone, the truth will be reduced to common sense, you no longer have any opportunity and advantage to become a preacher in reality there are quite a lot of fun things The other day I heard a farmer say: the government let us plant onions, we plant garlic; the government let us plant garlic, we plant onions this is extremely simple simple case of trendy discovery when the trend is seen by all people, you can actually only return to the logic of making hard money, remember the truth that hard money often does not make money in this feature, we reap what is it? It is important to pre-judge, because only in people have not yet found, but you found in advance, but also ahead of time, then you may be able to have a first-edition advantage here is quite interesting is that many people can actually see some trend opportunities, but can start people actually not much, see more to do short, see short to do more, and even see and not do people, in fact, are quite a lot we often hear a lot of people say, how I how to see the right year, but this see the right, but this see the right. But this look right, and what do you have to do with it, in general, people who love to toss and turn, the odds are better, the future of entrepreneurship will largely compete with the number of trial and error and the cost of a comprehensive, especially the trend of leaving a smaller and smaller window of time My own simple understanding of the financial industry is that finance is largely dependent on the sky to eat industry, in the universal market does not make money, you financial institutions to achieve profitability, the difficulty In fact, this typical look at the sky to eat the reasonable logic of the industry is to make money when, hard to make money, can not make money when you go home to rest, play in the mountains not to do confrontation with the general trend, of course, not to say that the general trend is not good, you do not have the opportunity to make money, just this opportunity will be very hard, a good man does not earn June money? The 2015 start-up market is very hot, a large number of VC set up, individuals have become investors, are hoping to invest in an Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and so on, the side is the recession, the side is the entrepreneurial atmosphere, forming a stark contrast, the two logic is actually the same, the worse the entity, the more money crowded into the industry with imagination In front of the trend, the effort seems insignificant in a trend up, riding the wind is actually not as difficult as imagined, in the emerging field does not require too much effort, you can more easily defeat the inherent rules of the system of the king Suning was once the king of the line, the stock price is also its bull, but Ali beat Suning, I do not want to think is a business to a business victory, he is Suning represents the king of the channel before the emergence of the Internet, while Ali is the king of the Internet era, the essence of the response is actually the human race into the Internet era, the original way of life when the dependence on Suning no longer be needed at this time, you will find that it is not Suning not hard, not bullying, but then bullying also You are very good, very good, but I also do not need, this is quite a sad love story in fact, this trend of disruption in the market there are too many cases, many once in our lives so important and think that never leave you things, in fact, found a little bit are leaving, this view actually used in Ali, Tencent also on the same applicable, you think they can never leave, but also This is the terrible trend of the competition, the competition in different dimensional system is extremely terrible, not simply and pure ability to fight "trend is random chance unpredictable" What is the second characteristic of the trend? We see a lot because of the irreplaceable nature of technology, the unpredictability of group characteristics make technology is inscrutable, and the rise of group characteristics make hot spots constantly be changed, the overall unconsciousness of society, you can hardly grasp the future trend of where the opportunity to "earn small money by diligence, earn big money by life" I I observed and found that the world can follow the trend of making money is two types of people: a class of people is Ma Yun, Huang Xiaojie such people, they were born with a keen sense of smell, understanding of the market is very thorough and strong execution, born to love tossing, and ruthless enough, to their own people can be ruthless, can become something, if you look in the right direction, can become a big thing and a class of people do not exist in the so-called choice, they are The vast majority of people so-called follow the trend to make money, and not the result of active awareness, but the result of passive choice they were thrown into different areas of the flood of society, and then it is the pattern of who is who, some people become things, some people fail, it is just the result of the ancestral grave smoke 94 years were laid off people, later can earn a little money, and those who are not laid off employees, now estimated to be laid off, 02 years People who could not enter the bank, went to the real estate or to Ali, now earn big money in the past decade or so, we this logic and trend is obvious, decide whether you earn big money logic, not choice, not ability, but luck, yes, it is luck I have been talking to many people in this world, you earn small money is the ability to earn big money is actually rely on life, you work hard and diligent, now the society, so you can live In fact, when I gave a speech in Taiwan University, I mentioned a point called the comparison of education between China and the United States. The United States to go to a famous school, it is not easy, are cattle but China actually earn a lot of money is rarely a famous school graduate, the richest is only Hangzhou Normal University, not that this school is not good, at least not Tsinghua Peking University, this we always have to recognize it So what is the problem here? Its because in the era of the great explosion, the more the bottom is more likely to be thrown to a different social torrent, and a different torrent, there are often big opportunities many people have no choice, will not take the inherent social path, it is also easier to be abandoned to the social mega-trend to our past ten years of trend opportunities, not the Internet, the Internet is actually the trend of the last one or two years, the past ten years of trend opportunities are actually Asset appreciation, a large number of real estate developers in the past ten years is actually extremely profitable only once the trend reversed, the Internet easily crushed the inherent social trends, not real estate, nor the Internet is too powerful, but the social trend is transformed quickly in the past real estate is the trend of the pattern, you will find that we had many years of the richest fifty, are real estate bosses, and once the coal boss, their wealth is not only in the real estate market, but also in the real estate market. And once the coal boss, their origins are extremely low, why? Many people actually did not understand how they earned this money until now, many people will attribute their success to the ability of the results, in fact, this is the greatest sadness, where there is no ability of the results? You just happen to be in the right era happened to do the right thing only, and then after a long time to adhere to this strategy, adhere to the inherent logic to do things, the results may die a very tragic you, catch the trend?  

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