More practical technical analysis methods

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In the h What is forex rebatetorical price forexrebatenetwork volume data based on statistical, mathematical calculations, chart Whatisforexrebateg methods are the main means of technical analysis methods In this sense, there can be a variety of technical analysis methods regardless of how technical analysis methods are generated, people are most concerned about its practicality, because our purpose is to use it to predict future price trends, so as to serve the investment decision. Therefore, we introduce only some of the more commonly used (and certainly more practical) technical analysis methods Generally speaking, technical analysis can be divided into the following five categories by convention: Indicator School; Tangent School; Morphology School; K- bestforexrebate School; Wave School 1. This number is called the indicator value. The specific value of the indicator value and the relationship between them directly reflects the state of the stock cashback forex, providing guidance for our operational behavior [sentence indicators reflect most of the things that are not directly visible from the market statements At present, the world used in the foreign exchange market technical indicators of various names, countless, at least a thousand or more For example, the relative strength indicator (RSI) Relative Strength Indicator (RSI), Stochastic Indicator (KD indicator), Convergence Indicator (DMI), Smoothed Average of Similarities and Differences (MACD), Energy Wave (OBV), Psychological Line, Deviation Rate, etc. These are very famous technical indicators, which have flourished in the stock market and, with the passage of time, new technical indicators are emerging to enrich and expand this family. 2. tangent school The tangent school is according to certain methods and principles in the foreign exchange chart to draw some straight lines and then according to the situation of these straight lines to speculate on the future trend of foreign exchange prices these straight lines are called tangent line tangent line role is mainly to play the role of support and pressure support line and pressure line after the extension of the position of the price trend to play a certain restraint role in general, foreign exchange prices in the process of lifting up from the bottom, a touch of pressure line, or even far from touching the pressure line, it will turn down; similarly, foreign exchange from the process of downward, near the support line will turn up In addition, if the tangent line is not turned after touching, but continue up or down, which is called a breakthrough breakthrough, the line still has a practical role, only the name changed the original support line into a pressure line, the original pressure line will become Wen support line tangent line analysis of the stock market is mainly based on this feature of the tangent line tangent line The drawing method is the most important, draw the bad directly affect the results of the forecast Currently, there are many ways to draw the tangent line, they are the essence of long-term research to retain the famous trend line, channel line, etc. In addition, there are golden mean, Gans line, angle line, etc. in the practical application, people benefit from these lines a lot 3. The trajectory of the shape of the past period to predict the future trend of the foreign exchange price of the method of assumptions 1 tells us that the behavior of the market, including all information price trajectory of the shape is an important part of market behavior, is the foreign exchange market on a variety of information after feeling the specific performance of the trajectory or shape to speculate on the future of foreign exchange prices is very reasonable from the shape of the price trajectory, we can speculate on K-line school K-line school of research techniques is to focus on a number of days K-line combination of the situation, speculation on the foreign exchange market, the contrast between the strength of the two sides, and then determine the foreign exchange market who dominates the long and short sides The K-line chart is the most important chart for all kinds of technical analysis, we will introduce in detail later on a single day of the K-line pattern has more than a dozen, a number of days of K-line combination types can not be counted people after continuous summary experience, found - some of the foreign exchange trading has a guiding combination, and, new results are constantly being found, is used righteous line in East Asia is very Popular, the majority of foreign exchange investors to enter the foreign exchange market, technical analysis is often the first contact K line chart 5. wave theory wave theory originated in 1978 the American Charles J Collins published a monograph "wave theory" wave theory of the actual inventor and founder is Elliott, he had the original idea of wave theory in the 1930s wave theory to the up and down movement of stock prices and different periods of continuous rise The ups and downs of the waves follow the laws of nature, according to a certain rule, the price of foreign exchange also follows the laws of the waves. Simply put, the rise is 5 waves, the fall is 3 waves, the number of waves can accurately predict that the downtrend is near the end, the bull market will come, or the bull market has reached the end of the strong, the bear market will come wave theory compared to other technical The biggest difference between wave theory and other schools of technical analysis is that it can anticipate U bottoms and tops a long time in advance. The above five types of technical analysis methods are different aspects of understanding and considering the foreign exchange market some have a fairly solid theoretical basis, some do not have a very clear theoretical basis, it is difficult to say why they all have a common feature, that is, they are after the actual test of fire in the foreign exchange market, and ultimately not eliminated and retained The five types of technical analysis methods, despite the different ways of consideration, the purpose is the same, they do not exclude each other, in the use of mutual reference, for example, in the analysis of indicators, often use some of the conclusions and techniques in the school of tangent and morphology The five types of technical analysis methods consider different ways, so that they are in operation guidance, the way used is different. Some focus on the long term, the food should be short; some focus on the relative price position, some focus on the absolute position; some focus on the time, some focus on the price regardless of what to focus on, ultimately the same way as long as there are gains, with what method is not important

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