Leave forex but I still love you!

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What forexrebatenetwork forex rebate started doing foreign exchange margin trading last October, a small gain to a huge loss, a huge loss to make up for it, has now switched to A-share foreign exchange is still my favorite game, because the fluctuations between exchange rates is a war between countries, bestforexrebate the changes in market psychology, rather than one partys power alone in the market cashback forex I do not know why, foreign exchange margin this game is a small thing a do-it-yourself MT4 platform A friend told me that this thing you want to make money is impossible, because MT4 Whatisforexrebate automatically track the function, as long as you really profit, and the magnitude to a certain, then naturally there will be problems like slippage, disconnection, etc., these can not get you, and out of the gold .... You can imagine, you constantly go to seek trading on the Bible, constantly strive, day and night struggle, and finally you are just playing a game you can not win ...... points to that I now still keep doing foreign exchange margin simulation trading, I can also guarantee that my real trading absolutely and simulation trading exactly the same, because I have long been less subject to the feelings of I think this is the basic point of view, foreign exchange margin trading, can not make a lot of money; before switching to A-shares, I thought A-shares and foreign exchange trading principle is the same, look at the same method, but different markets, too different in as a pure analyst, I used to look at the foreign exchange method to see A-shares analysis Still can, but when I went to trade myself, I realized that it simply does not work, I went from the bare K, back to the average, MACD, volume, etc., with indicators composed of the system of course, now I abandoned all these except for the volume of the happy thing is that I soon found my own way of looking at A shares, I A shares began trading at the end of September, until now, out of the division loss of 20%, but now has a small profit in ( If not T+1, I believe my profits can be magnified at least 3 times although such a level is not great, but every point of profit is in my hands, I also clearly know how I can do better, believe it or not? My profit level can be maintained, and will be better than now I have the above-mentioned since, more or less self-righteous, but more, because I have experienced a huge failure of foreign exchange margin trading, I am grateful to the people who love me and I love, is that you give me the motivation to survive here, I do not have a beautiful statement to tell the truth like trading laws, I have read a lot of books "wrap theory", "Japanese candlestick technique But when I really feel the trade with my heart, to feel my own reaction to the trade, I realized that everyone can find the Bible of trading, everyones Bible is different to find this Bible, you need, is to really trade, and then constantly see their own problems, and then find ways to solve imitation is a shortcut, but the use of this shortcut Not to help us go forward, but to increase our efficiency forward, people are different, find the right one for yourself, is the best Perhaps many of my friends who are still struggling feel that I am just pretty empty words, but I am just telling you what you should do, I came this way, I became, you can also refer to last week, my colleague came to ask me what stocks I bought, I said one of them, he began He began to talk, with a variety of theories to say this and that, and finally gave me to recommend another stock, he also as an analyst, is a lot of fans, but his words I listen even if, because he has not done any investment, posing a whole lot of theory, eloquent, he actually do not need to understand what I bought, just want to carry the views of others, for some sense of existence just, I finally only responded to a sentence. "You do say it" trading system, investment methods, views are, not in more, but in the fine, the key is to understand the shortcomings of the method, the strengths and weaknesses, Wing Chun, but the three axes viewpoint two: more listening, more talk, rather than actually do from their own, find the problem, solve the problem can be, such as you can not find the problem, through books or Other peoples point of view to try to improve, if you find the problem do not know how to solve, you can improve through books or other peoples point of view, but you have at least tried, tried, rather than the bottom of the well frog rely on the bottom of the well if I have to say what is most important in trading, I think the concept of trading and making money is the most important, books really recommend the "Memoirs of a Stock Producer" Finally, I hope that all people in the road, with the right perspective on your In playing this game, it is not the place to send you money, your profit is someone elses loss, just like the stock market, if you have to buy pensions, also have to buy stocks, unless the national team silly, otherwise you are likely to be just through the speculation of stocks to the pension to send money, and eventually you give money to the pension, but also likely also more money than the pension to you, only the flow, you must be clear who you are playing with said I still want to thank my friends who have helped me a lot, although you did not give me direct profits, but when I was lost, after I admitted my shortcomings and found my shortcomings, your point of view let me see myself more clearly, in the darkest period, is that you pulled me a hand this is also considered my last most frankly can say with everyone, wish you all can as you wish

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