KDJ and BOLL indicators combined to determine the entry position

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bestforexrebate What is forex rebate BOLL indicators are commonly used indicators, speculators after a long period of time to explore and summarize, found that many indicators if you can use with, the accuracy of the forecast trend will be greatly improved today and share with you the KDJ and BOLL indicators with the use of methods, I hope that the majority of investors will help, and early realization of stable Profit KDJ indicators are overbought and oversold indicators, while Whatisforexrebate Bands are support and pressure indicators the benefits of combining the two together is: the KDJ indicator signal more accurate, at the same time, because the cashback forex of the daily K-line indicator system in the Bollinger Bands indicators, often reflect the price of the medium-term trend, so the use of these two indicators to determine whether the price is short-term fluctuations, or medium-term fluctuations with a certain role. Especially applicable to determine whether the price is a short-term top (bottom), or into the medium-term rise (down), with a relatively good research and judgment effect We know that the upper rail of the Bollinger Bands has a pressure role, the rail and the lower rail has a support (pressure) role, so when the price falls to the middle or lower Bollinger Bands, you can ignore the signal issued by the KDJ indicator and take action, of course, if the KDJ indicator also went to The low level, then should be regarded as a short-term trend and medium-term trends to verify the results of each other, and take a more aggressive operating strategy But remind us to note that when the price fell to the lower Bollinger Bands, even if supported by the stabilization, KDJ indicators also synchronized with the rise, but the trend has turned the signal has been issued, so at most only a rebound and when the KDJ indicators on the 80 high, take the sell Action is more prudent, because when the exchange rate fell below the Bollinger line in the rail will lead to the release of the Bollinger line opening narrowing, at this time to repair the indicators need at least a longer period of consolidation, so that whether from the prevention of downside risk, or from the consideration of the opportunity cost of holding, are not suitable to continue to hold Finally, to summarize the comprehensive use of KDJ indicators and Bollinger line indicators principles: that is, the Bollinger line is the main, the price trend for Medium-term judgment, supplemented by KDJ indicators, the price of short-term trend judgment, KDJ indicators issued by the purchase and sale signals need to be verified with Bollinger Bands, if both issued the same instruction, the purchase and sale accuracy is higher

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