Just three minutes! Understand the three major forex trading exit

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forex trad What bestforexrebate forex rebateg session, newcomers often think that to come to a correct entry position is the most important step, I do not know, " cashback forex buy is the apprentice, will sell is the master" forexrebatenetwork is directly related to the results of forex trading Whatisforexrebate success or failure if you do not find the right time to exit, and then the good entry will also make you lose. You are full of losses "exit target" is also the price of the plan to win, a complete trading system, should be in your entry before planning the future in which price to exit the field target should be more than 2 times your stop-loss level in other words, the win is more than 2 times the risk Next I will introduce in detail the three most basic exit method 1. the original plan to exit is in the transaction before, has developed a trading plan, a clear field price, stop loss and exit target in the entry, directly in the trading order set a good stop-earnings price, the future when the market price runs to here will automatically close the position with profit 2. progressive stop loss out of the field when the exchange rate advances in the direction of profit, you can take a "progressive stop loss "method of tracking the single, also known as the" moving stop "so that you can protect the winning single and can avoid the risk brought about by the decline in the price of the exchange rate if the exchange rate downward, is still in the state of profit out of the field 3. When profit, you can consider closing part of the position, and then leave another part of the position to earn the market may continue to "continue" the profits, commonly known as "partial closing" or "batch closing" The above three are the most basic exit method, which itself does not have advantages and disadvantages, in different situations can play a role in the synthesis of these three cases, can be summarized in a more mature "exit target" method: after entry, set up a good "exit target" on the trading order "price (i.e., the stop-earnings price), when the exchange rate began to win after taking a "progressive stop loss" to protect the winning single, if the exchange rate downward, will hit the stop loss and exit, if the exchange rate runs according to the original plan, will touch the "original plan to exit the target " and take profits to close the position

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