Is it legal to speculate in foreign exchange

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Is it legal to speculate bestforexrebate What Whatisforexrebate forex rebate forexrebatenetwork? The answer is legal China has clear laws prohibiting the establishment of companies on the mainland to organize citizens to speculate in foreign exchange activities Currently, foreign exchange companies in China are all foreign companies, as long as the regular platform is regulated is legal, because the government does cashback forex interfere with the personal investment of citizens, and the transaction did not take place in the country Explain that, for example, you travel to the United States to go to a U.S. foreign exchange company for foreign exchange margin trading The role of the current domestic foreign exchange companies is to save you the step of going abroad but if your funds are not remitted abroad, it is certainly not a legitimate company that is legal, but these companies must be subject to strict regulation such as the British FSA (Financial Services Authority), the U.S. NFA (National Futures Association) and the Australian Securities Commission, the other Regulatory bodies I suggest you do not need to look at the current Chinese investors to invest in the foreign exchange market channels are mainly divided into two, one is to do the domestic banks to open the foreign exchange real, the other is through foreign dealers in the domestic agency directly in foreign countries to open an account to do foreign exchange margin business Because of the foreign exchange real spread (understandably high transaction costs), no leverage and many other factors, in addition to the exchange rate fluctuations Foreign exchange margin business because of its two-way trading, both long and short, and because of the leverage ratio, can be small to large, and therefore sought after by many investors now foreign mature foreign exchange market to open the business, basically in the form of foreign exchange margin, rather than the real foreign exchange Chinas domestic financial institutions did not carry out margin business The main reason why the domestic financial institutions have not carried out margin business is that they are not ready to do this. The country is not completely open to foreign exchange margin business, but the country is not interfering with citizens overseas investment, so at present the mainstream foreign platforms are generally looking for agents in the country to do customer development and service work for them to do the mainstream foreign platforms have a great advantage

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