Investors to create trading systems often encounter several detours

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Whatisforexrebatevestors to create forexrebatenetwork systems What is forex rebate often a long process, the fine sculpting of the trading system, it is likely to last a lifetime if the method, the idea is cashback forex right, it is easy to take a detour, wasting a lot of time 1, one of the detours: too impatient, quick success all traders root motive is to make money, which does not need to be avoided but too impatient is often The reason for this is that: first, like all studies, the study of trading is also very deep; second, the study of trading is different from most of the natural sciences, at present, it is not a study with 100% certainty, but is very similar to the chaotic disciplines such as weather science or the theory of probability in modern physics in such a situation, the psychology of quick success will often interfere with their own learning progress bestforexrebate In such a case, the mentality of quick success often interferes with their own learning progress and knowledge of the wrong judgment, more detrimental to the self-evolution of the trading system simply put, one or two successes does not mean that you are on the right path, one or two failures does not mean that you are wrong there is a saying that it is not easy to win in the market, but once do not win that is not easy therefore, patience analysis, patience records, patience statistical feedback, patience to assess the trading system and patience to cultivate its evolution is a must & nbsp nbsp;2, the second detour: the lack of logic trading in my concept of this is a broad term, including the commonly said technical school and value school, or even more I have a distinctive point of view: trading is a science, not art now quite some trading is an art of saying, I do not agree that science and art have a principle difference: the former is dependent on logic, with interlocking The latter is dependent on the free play of the creator, very often there is no certain good or bad, only the carrot and green vegetables have their own love Why trading is also considered an art? Because the uncertainty of trading is caused by the randomness of the market itself; secondly, the history of trading is not very long and far from perfect. Art, but its scientific image of the same kind of chess is much more popular whether it is art or science, the importance of logical ability in trading is not in doubt in the process of creating a trading system, must pay attention to two points: first, the system of each law, itself is logical; second, the system of laws between, whether logical, whether self-consistent rather than contradictory 3 The second hurdle is to improve the quality of the trading system after a logical screening.  4, detour four: excessive rich imagination, especially the image imagination excessive imagination is a very easy to go on the detour to give a simple example: dealer dealer the word, in Europe and the United States is also called invisible he, many times become a fan of the retailers mind like a figure in the stock market, almost no retailer does not relish the dealer, the stock a rise in the opinion that the dealer suction chips The stock market is a very good place to buy and sell, and the stock market is a washout or shipment, admittedly, some of the strong handicapping techniques of the experts can indeed perceive the dealers movements through the plate observation or other methods, but whether more people are just using their imagination to portray a blueprint in their own minds? There are some stock commentary nature of the language is artificial to create an atmosphere that allows people to develop their imagination for example what **** pull up, crazy suppression and so on, so that people take a look at the brain to appear a montage of images behind the market, resulting in people in the atmosphere of self-referential judgment errors 5, detour of five: overconfidence or excessive inferiority complex excessive inferiority complex, it is easy to fall into superstition on the so-called master The masters words and actions are adopted without thinking, or the guru said a few words must figure out some of the so-called meaning behind the excessive inferiority complex to create a trading system, often good and bad, the essence and dross coexist excessive self-confidence, which can easily lead to stagnation on their own temporary lack of understanding of things to reject, and even to their own existing system does not fit everything, losing the opportunity to improve their trading system Opportunity

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