Introduction to foreign exchange trading dedicated to friends who are ready to enter the foreign exchange market

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Th Whatisforexrebate article is not just for bestforexrebate forexrebatenetwork novices to popularize introductory knowledge of foreign exchange, but also I want to say to newcomers some hollow words, say my perception of the foreign exchange market, for newcomers to drain the mines, to avoid which should not be taught tuition forex What is forex rebate is a very difficult road, think before you hit the road First: what is foreign exchange trading? Baidu encyclopedia: foreign exchange trading is the exchange of a countrys currency with another countrys currency cashback forex other financial markets are different, the foreign exchange market does not have a specific location, there is no central exchange, but through the electronic network between banks, businesses and individuals to trade foreign exchange trading is to simultaneously buy a pair of currency combinations in a currency and sell another currency foreign exchange is traded in the form of currency pairs, such as the euro / dollar (EUR / USD) or the dollar / yen /USD) or USD/JPY (USD/JPY) Can you understand? Cant understand? Can not understand on the right, because it is too official meaning in laymans terms: foreign exchange trading is the exchange between products (foreign exchange represents a lot of trading products), through the product price fluctuations to earn the difference foreign exchange trading is divided into many types: cash, spot foreign exchange trading, contract spot foreign exchange trading, foreign exchange futures trading, foreign exchange options trading, forward foreign exchange trading, swap trading and so on and we are going to say foreign exchange trading is Among them is the contract spot foreign exchange trading contract spot foreign exchange trading, also known as foreign exchange margin trading, margin trading, virtual trading, refers to the investor and professional engaged in foreign exchange trading financial companies (banks, dealers or brokers), signed a contract commissioned to buy and sell foreign exchange, pay a certain rate (generally not more than 10%) of the transaction margin, you can buy and sell 100,000, hundreds of thousands or even on a certain financing multiplier The second: foreign exchange trading can bring you what? This question is actually very straightforward, you choose foreign exchange trading is for what? Money money money (forex technical analysis I think there should be no other reason to choose forex trading is only to want to leverage trading to small to large, through their ability to make the account balance has been growing do you think this idea can be achieved? I can tell you very directly: yes, yes, yes, but how to achieve? It is what we need to talk about today and the next few days  Step 3: How to get started quickly with Forex trading What do you mean by getting started? First of all, you need to be able to trade forex trading software a MT4/MT5MT4/MT5 software can go to the MT4/MT5 official website to download the first step from familiar with the trading software, only you can skillfully operate the trading software you can face the markets ever-changing, do improvise familiar with the software at the same time you also need to learn to analyze the market trends, this time involves the learning of technical aspects, the Here are a few of the books that I personally feel can be read outside the trading learning is to see more doors, to grow their knowledge before writing this kind, Ill just buckle over to recommend John Murphys "futures forex market analysis book" Steve Neeson "Japanese candlestick technology" Ralph Nelson Elliotts "Elliott Wave Theory" Jahns "Wall Street forty-five years" Curtis Firths Turtle Trading Rules" Mark Douglas "The Self-Disciplined Trader" HeikinAshiTraders "How to Start Trading with $500" Michael Rosenbergs "Currency Forecasting" Courtney Smiths "How to Trade Forex for a Living" Jim Browns "Forex Trading: Terminology Basics Explained" etc. etc. .... Remember, these books may not be the most practical in trading, but these books are the most useful for investors who have just entered the market knowledge popularization of trading software familiar with the basics also learned, simulation trading also did, then you can prepare to start the actual battle

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