Identify the reversal bounce and reversal

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   How to identify the bestforexrebate, bounce and reversal Whatisforexrebate real life? In the course of the decline in the currency What forexrebatenetwork forex rebate, will form a series of return up quotes, according to the strength of these up quotes and the final evolution of the situation, can be divided into three categories, they are: reverse quotes, rebound quotes, reversal quotes below a brief description of their different characteristics: reverse draw: that is, after a period of continuous decline in the stock index, to give the feeling of cashback forex going down, and even technical indicators in oversold State, the plate shows that the volume to the ground, this time a rise, but at this time the reversal is not the purpose, but the means it makes people think it is a rebound, if in such a reversal of the market to follow the wind to buy, is bound to fall for its main characteristics are: 1, the reversal of the volume is small, the volume can not effectively enlarge 2, the reversal of the lack of hot spots or new influential leader 3, the reversal of the lack of signs of positive entry of incremental funds 4, the height of the reversal will not touch the top and broken position, the upper adjustment pressure does not play much of a digestive role reversal of the most important investment principle is to sell! Because, the reversal is a confirmation of the stage top and broken trend, after the break of the reversal force is limited, often does not have the value of short-term participation, so investors should at least medium-term bearish market, determined not to chase high, with profits immediately closed, no profit should also be used to reduce positions mainly on the high investment principles worth noting is that: even if investors are bearish market, but also not in the short term after a sharp drop Blindly cut positions out, but should adopt a prudent investment strategy to take advantage of the market rebound, the opportunity to sell this selling opportunity is usually selected to find the rising market to show weakness, or hit the upper block resistance line when the rebound: that is, on the way down, suddenly issued some kind of good news, the market forces take advantage of the opportunity to pull up the currency index or the price, but the general rebound can only be three consecutive sun, rarely appear five consecutive sun or seven After three consecutive suns, the market or the exchange rate has to back to finish if the back to finish 2-3 days, the market or a pair of currencies continue to power up, it means that the main body to do a decent rally market but no matter how fast and strong its rally rate, we should closely observe whether the rally has exceeded the historical peak if it starts to turn back near the top, the top strength is not enough, indicating that the upper pressure is higher, signaling that The rebound tends to end especially for the fast rebound market, investors need to restrain the idea of participating in it, respect and stay away from it as the saying goes: rebound is not the bottom, is the bottom not rebound, rebound market is not a fundamental reversal of the market trend, after the rebound, the currency market will still fall investors to grab the rebound purpose is to reduce the cost of holding currency and boating short term profits, and fast rebound in the rebound space and rebound time, are not given to investors Leave room for profit, therefore, not suitable for participation in the flash of the rapid rebound market reversal: for example, in 1995 when the index fell to 325 points, the management issued three major rescue policies, prompting the broader market in red, reversal up, the first day on the 200-point surge such an outbreak of the market and several times to note that when the market is in a frenzy, the market will gradually tend to fall the most important investment in reversal principle is to buy! When the reversal of the market, many investors like to chase the currency pairs that do not rise, for the exchange rate rose high on the reluctance to chase up, which is an investment misconception of many investors In fact, the more the reversal of the market is the first to start, the more significant the rise, the more the future of the market in the hot sector and the leading currency, the more the value of participation because the reversal of the market is a strong upward market, its investment philosophy and methods and weak market As in a weak market, the size of the decline in the currency pair does not determine whether the currency pair stops falling, the amount of the increase in the currency pair in the reversal market does not determine the currencys future upward momentum. The early stage of the market is bold to chase up the strong investors, have made a lot of profits

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