How to judge support and resistance on technical patterns

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When judging forexrebatenetwork What Whatisforexrebate forex rebate bestforexrebate levels, my usual approach - and I think the most accurate one - is to look at the historical cashback forex of the K-chart of the traded instrument, what was the highest point? What was the low? And what was the closing price? This approach to determining support and resistance levels can be realized at any time on the K chart (Balox): daily, weekly and monthly charts in most cases, the high or low price will be concentrated in a certain area, not a point; if so, I would consider that area to be a support or resistance zone It should be noted that the zone should not be too large, otherwise it is not Reference significance?  The tops or bottoms in the foreign exchange market often constitute resistance or support levels; uncovered gaps in technical graphs also form valid support or resistance levels; averages also help investors to determine support and resistance levels; observe the trend line movements can also determine the future of the market support and resistance levels?  It is important to note that when a major support level is broken, the support level is converted into a major resistance level; when a major resistance level is broken, the resistance level becomes a major support level?  To find support and resistance is to observe the price retracement in the process of running - that is, with the current trend of the opposite price fluctuations, such fluctuations are also known as adjustments or corrections We take a round of rising market to give an example: the market from 100 points up to 200 points, and then the price turned down a retracement to 150 points, and then continue to attack, the price further pushed up 150 points is the market from The 50% retracement of 150 points between 100 and 200 points proves that support is strong, in other words, because the price has fallen back to 50%, and then turned back up again, the 50% retracement proves that support is valid for the upward correction that occurs in the down market is also a reason?  Some retracement percentages have strong relevance for determining support and resistance levels, such as 33%, 50% and 67% in addition there are two numbers called Fibonacci numbers (FIBONACCI is a mathematician): 38% and 62% These five groups of numbers are very helpful in determining support and resistance levels Most good trading system software has these percentage retracement tools as long as you use the mouse to click on the price trend on the K chart, and then click on the high point of the price, the technical graph will automatically display the percentage retracement number

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