How to improve the ability to read the market in forex day trading!

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Someone asked me th What is forex rebate question: take out the history to browse, th cashback forexk, or read the Japanese c bestforexrebatelestick chart books, whether you can improve the ability to read the intraday Whatisforexrebate First of all, the hard work of reading the disk thing, the conclusion is that it must be useful but there is a status quo, is that you go to the major investment forums to take a look, there are countless people with their diligent review of hard work as a talking point But the reality is that the market will neither Sympathy for your martyrdom, and will forexrebatenetwork digest your useless work, in turn you still feel that you did not do anything wrong, into the Bastilles predicament you are willing to pay time to do homework on the intraday reading, the biggest premise is not how to do, not a specific methodology, but why do you want to engage in these that to my own example, my core trading concept is to look at the changes in the money side, my system is also The system is built up in order to the core then, a system eventually implemented in the trading action, must be a large to small, from the overview to the details of the process If you add the trading cycle, a day trader, he needs to develop a very keen observation skills on the day level trading, you say reading the plate, is actually oriented to this observation power then I need to observe the core content of my own plate is what? What is the core of my own intraday observations? Naturally is the intraday level of capital changes, because this is and my strategy is closely related to the things if I have to work hard to read the bare K, hard practice to see the average line to see MACD, although not impossible, but the bend is really a little big this long-term dynamic observation effect, is a visual and memory integration of the power, I may say so feel a little mysterious, but it is true: your long-term accumulation of Sensory and memory experience will form a kind of unconscious generalization, which will help you find similar movements in the future, to trigger a similar error correction reaction (I mentioned error correction rather than judgment, because the future is not always a continuation of history, so I still do not think this thing can guide the prediction, trading is also best not to rely too much on prediction) Now back to the above question you look at the history of the purpose of what? You want to see the purpose of the K-line and what is it? I am lazy, not a lot of history, occasionally look, mainly to see the frequency of open and close positions and entry and exit points because although I am mainly day trading, but do not like too frequent transactions, so generally look at the frequency of transactions no problem will not continue to look at the history of the transaction for the plate there is no guidance, I do not have much say

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