Forex vs Stock Market

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F cashback forexex vs Stock Market The New York Stock Exchange has about 4,500 l forexrebatenetworkted stocks another 3,500 on the NASDAQ exchange Which stock exchange do you trade on? Have time to stay Whatisforexrebate the top of so many companies? There are dozens of currencies in spot forex trading, but most of the What is forex rebate participants are 4 major currency pairs than counting the previous few stocks only four pairs is not more likely to be noticed? Look at Mr. Forex he is so confident bestforexrebate sexy Mr. Stock has no chance! This is just one of the many advantages of the Forex market over the stock market here are a few other advantages: 24 hour open market The Forex market is a non-stop 24 hour market Most brokers are available to clients from Sunday 16:00 PM EST to Friday 4:00 PM EST Since you can trade in the US, Asian and European markets at the same time, you Most Forex brokers do not charge any commissions or additional fees over the Internet or telephone, and Forex trading fees are lower than in any other market Most brokers are compensated for the services they provide through spreads or bids Instant execution of market orders Under normal market conditions, you can execute your trade orders immediately Under these conditions, the price at which you place an order is the price you receive Remember that many brokers guarantee stop, limit and pending orders only under normal market conditions If a huge alien invasion from outer space takes place on Earth, it will not be part of the "normal market" most of the time, the order execution is Most of the time, order execution is instantaneous, but in unusually volatile market conditions, such as a Martian attack, order execution may experience delays in short selling. Unlike the stock market, the currency market has no limits on short selling. So, whether in an up or down market environment, you will always have equal trading opportunities without intermediaries Centralized exchanges can offer many benefits to traders However, one of the problems with centralized trading is the involvement of intermediaries Any industry is made up of traders, buyers and protected sellers and trading instruments, all of which are cost components Costs can be time or money On the other hand, spot forex trading is decentralized, which means that you may get quotes for that market from different currency traders and the competition between them is so fierce that you can almost rest assured that you will thus get the best service for forex traders and therefore get faster access efficiency and cheaper fees buy/sell programs do not control the market how many times have you heard " A fund" to sell "X" or buy "Z"? The stock market is very susceptible to large amounts of money buying and selling in the spot market, the sheer size of the foreign exchange market makes it very unlikely that any one fund or bank will control a particular currency Banks, hedge funds, governments, houses converted from retail currency, individuals with large net worths are just some of the participants in the spot foreign exchange market, and the liquidity of that market is unprecedented Analysts and brokerage firms are unlikely to influence the market. Brokerage firms are unlikely to influence the market Have you seen the TV? Have you ever heard of an analyst of a famous economic company being accused of advising others to buy a certain network stock when the stock market is falling rapidly? It is the nature of these relationships that no matter what kind of government intervention prevents this type of activity, we never heard that it was the last time an IPO was prepared by a large corporation for a public company and a brokerage firm The relationship between the economic company and the analyst is mutually beneficial, because the analyst working for the economic company needs the company to use it as an agent in order to do so. Perverted requirements will never appear again. The foreign exchange, as the main market, constitutes billions of dollars of the worlds finances and is very important for the global market Forex analysts rarely influence the exchange rate, they only play an analytical role In the competition between the foreign exchange market and the stock market, it is obvious that the foreign exchange market is slightly better!  

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