Forex Trading Strategies Arbitrary Decision Trading vs. Robots

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I have been What is forex rebate for over 15 years now. When I started trad Whatisforexrebateg, in 1994 I remember that there was not much software on the forexrebatenetwork. Of course we are not talking about Forex yet. However, the Magic System has been widely circulated on the Internet. You bestforexrebate find different authorities selling their black boxes suitable only for experts, promising you profits in a few days or even hours, of course... One by one, the gurus disappear. Today, you will find thous cashback forexs of excellent systems if you type trading systems in any search engine. You will probably read countless articles touting the success of this EA or trading robot. When it comes to robots, its amazing how much people believe in automated trading. They think they can go to work in the morning and leave the good robots alone to grab pips in the Forex market. Do you have access to a trading system that is used only by banks or groups? Be patient, a smart guy will soon recommend a good one, maybe the best one. I use a sarcastic tone on purpose because I am tired of watching the disillusionment of those who still believe in Santa Claus. Or come to reality, my friends, there is no easy way to make money in the financial markets. Most traders, who live by their means, will not share their secrets with you. The good news is that you can learn to trade on your own. Today, you can get good trading courses from the Internet, free or not. If you take the time to choose a site you will have access to valuable resources. Now, what do we need to do to use this training and advice, you may ask? Well, if you want to be successful in trading, no matter what market, you will have to learn to become a trader. You will have to develop your own system, or trading method, and adopt the right attitude towards backtesting money management (as you feel comfortable and effective). So, as a conclusion: learn the fundamentals of trading from books or online resources (technical analysis, etc.) Learning the fundamentals of trading in developing your own trading system and should be simple and effective using a money management system is a must to make your trading system profitable learn how to control behavior when trading (youve heard of emotional control...) I dont mean any automated trading or robots. I dont represent automated systems except for special cases, which have proven that system trading is not suitable for the long term. Why? We know that patterns are constantly repeating in cycles, so we need to design a simple way to profit from their repetition. The answer depends on human behavior in the market. Traders carry emotions such as greed or fear. Even if most traders now recognize common patterns and know how to follow them, they are most of the time overwhelmed by emotions when the market doesnt really reflect them... The question arises: Why does arbitrary trading work? The arbitrary approach consists of a trading system that passes the human eye (because you always need some of these systems). A trader, who controls his emotions and analyzes the market objectively, has the ability to understand the market. He will be able to understand the excesses and adjust his trading system accordingly. The robot will enter the market as soon as the resistance or support is broken or the 38% Fibonacci retracement is reached. Of course initially the robot parameters will be adjusted according to his strategy but he will not be able to adapt to the new market conditions. The market likes to beat all automated trading systems that set logical stop-loss and profit targets. You have seen good burrs in the Forex market before, especially after the data release... Arbitrary trading methods will never protect you from losses. Any trader will suffer losses. This is part of reality. If you dont want to lose money, you should try a risk-free investment of 2-3% per year. But at least, you will always be in control of what you are doing, know what the market is doing and whether it is the best time to enter the market. You have an obvious set of rules that explain when & how to enter the market, but you may be able to adapt your strategy to specific market conditions. Attention. When developing your trading system and money management you need to stick to your plan. It is a very important aspect of trading. But again, there are no automatic entry points. For exits, its a little different because you can set profit targets and automatic exit points in advance. You have added this aspect to your money management rules. I hope I have given you the hope to become a real trader using any type of trading method, away from automated trading systems. Trading can be very interesting if you provide yourself with the right approach.

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