Forex traders should pay attention to the time period

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Time forexrebatenetwork an important factor cashback forex What is forex rebate, the reasonable use of time can avoid trading risks bestforexrebate improve the success rate of trading This issue of the foreign exchange school to talk to you about the time period traders need to pay attention to The foreign exchange Whatisforexrebate is a 24-hour non-stop market, it differs from other trading markets the most obvious point is the continuity of time and space unconstrained major fluctuations and trading Time in New Zealand on Monday to go to work on Friday after work in Chicago, the United States weekend in the Middle East there is also a small amount of foreign exchange transactions exist, but basically negligible, belongs to the normal interbank exchange, not the usual speculative behavior As we all know, the existence of the market can be traded, but not that you can trade to trade in the foreign exchange market each trading session has its own laws and characteristics, so we We need to understand its laws, to avoid trading at some inappropriate time, in order to improve the success rate of trading while also avoiding the risk of trading A, before and after the occurrence of major events  As a foreign exchange trader, the volatility of the market is the basis for trading, because traders can not profit from a market that never wavers but for traders who have experienced huge profits from a highly volatile market can be very dangerous, especially for novice traders because they have witnessed how increased volatility can create profits out of thin air, observing that higher volatility equals higher profits Volatility can make traders money, but trying to trade from an event with random results and market reactions does not Forex traders, especially short term forex traders, will specialize in trading around important economic news releases Timely trading, because the main feature of news trading is that a countrys currency can rise or fall sharply in a very short period of time Huge gains are deeply attractive to forex traders and investors, but there are also various risk factors associated with news trading, the main danger of which comes from the fact that the transaction must be carried out quickly, otherwise it will be lost In addition, slippage is very easy to occur when the market is volatile, such as When something big happens, the market price is extremely susceptible, resulting in orders not being filled at the most appropriate price. It is very tempting for traders to trade when the market is experiencing huge swings, but the risk of making a trade at this time is very high If a trader has already made a trade, he or she may face greater risk than expected due to a large amount of slippage II. the first and last day of a new trading week  The Forex market is a 24-hour market that does not stop but is closed on every weekend and legal holidays Weekends The specific closing time is winter time Saturday 4:00 am Beijing time to Monday 2:00 am; daylight saving time Saturday 4:00 am Beijing time to Monday 3:00 am weekend closing is mainly related to the foreign exchange market offer model, foreign exchange broker offers are not fabricated out of thin air, but through the liquidity providers (banks and trading institutions) in cooperation with the offer based on the formation of the weekend, these institutions will take a holiday break, the foreign exchange broker naturally can not get the offer. Usually, the first 24 hours of each new trading week are characterized by low trading volume and market participants gradually resume trading only after 48 hours. In addition, the last 24 hours of a new trading week are often characterized by low liquidity. Therefore, the new trading week, Monday and Friday are two days less suitable for trading, and the latter is worse than the former Three, when the psychological state is not good  investors in foreign exchange trading, the ultimate goal is to profit on the one hand, the need for accurate forecasts and implementation of the foreign exchange market situation; The other is the need to maintain a positive mental state psychological factors on the impact of foreign exchange trading is very large, in the actual transaction many people are always difficult to avoid the impact of negative emotions, resulting in poor decisions Forex trading is a game of mental discipline those who can control their emotions can generally go longer in the foreign exchange market But no matter how disciplined traders are, there will always be a time when the state is not good The other scenario is when a trading streak fails and the forex investor has to be patient and wait patiently for the exact buy or sell point when the trader makes three or four consecutive mistakes. If a trader goes through a losing streak, one of the best things to do is to pull out and take a break to organize your messy thoughts. When you decide to return to trading, try to reduce your trading capital by half until you regain confidence. When the market is too volatile or the market is not liquid enough, you should try to avoid trading to reduce the risk of trading and enter the market when it is ripe. The first time period is around major news events which include non-farm payrolls, consumer price index, producer price index, central bank minutes, interest rate decisions, etc. The second time period to pay attention to is the first and last day of the trading week. Friday is the more important of the two, and trading on Friday can be risky with a lot of volatility. As for Monday, the market may not be trading as much as it should as it has just recovered from the weekend shutdown. or two trades is better than risking an emotional breakdown by trading at a loss Generally speaking, Tuesday through Thursday are the better trading days of the week, with the caveat that around major news events, its important to finally make sure the traders entire mind and body remains in excellent shape 

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