Forex Gold Stop Loss Technique

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No matter what k cashback forexd of trading system, bestforexrebate no matter what kind of trading principles, m What is forex rebatetakes can happen How to deal with mistakes is another important sign of a traders maturity Traders have an instinct, or inner greed: they want all their trades to be right, and once they miss, they go looking for all kinds of reasons to excuse themselves Think about it seriously and its ridiculous, you You are responsible for yourself, not to whom to account, why deceive yourself? How about forgiving yourself? How about not forgiving yourself?  1, the importance of stop-loss As investors, we are faced with a huge money Whatisforexrebate that does not transfer for our will, the ups and downs in the foreign exchange market not only lurk huge profit space, there is also the risk of losing your money needs to be clear that this market will always have opportunities, but once the money is lost, you will lose the ability to find opportunities again, therefore, in order to avoid risk, set a stop loss is not only Investors usually decide to enter the market operation because of the judgment of the market in a certain direction, especially to certain key price levels, whether the breakthrough will become the focus of market controversy, the market is full of controversy about whether the breakthrough and the development of the trend, not to mention that at any time there will be an unexpected breakthrough event, which may change the development of the entire market pattern, which is where the uncertainty of the market in In this case, investors make the choice can not be sure that the correct, in order to prevent, it is necessary to set a stop loss, and strive to minimize their losses because, important levels of breakthrough and important unexpected events, often will be concurrently huge impact force, driving the market capital to a rapid flow of direction, the exchange rate may rise, may also plummet, if the wrong direction, and without a stop loss, then Losses will be very cautious 2, stop-loss method (1), the fixed stop-loss method This is the simplest stop-loss method, which refers to the amount of loss set to a fixed percentage, once the loss is greater than the proportion of the timely closure of positions It is generally applicable to two types of investors: ① just entered the market investors; ② riskier markets (such as the foreign exchange market) in the investors The mandatory role of the fixed stop-loss is more obvious, investors do not need to rely too much on (2), the technical stop-loss method of stop-loss settings and technical analysis combined, after eliminating the market fluctuations, set a stop-loss in the key technical level In general, the use of technical stop-loss method, nothing is to small losses betting on big gains through the analysis of the running pattern of the exchange rate, once the exchange rate is found to be broken, it is resolutely stop-loss in practice investors in the stop-loss after also pay attention to the flying knife in the air not to reach out to pick up, after the establishment of the downtrend in the exchange rate to hold tight to the money bag, out in the downtrend to grab the rebound, as the knife licking the blood, the fire to take Copper, especially the amount of small yin and Yang staggered decline, so that investors often produce the illusion of stop loss, thus missing the early stop loss out of the time mainly: ① trend tangent stop-loss method: including the exchange rate effectively fell below the trend line tangent; exchange rate effectively broke the Gann angle line 1x1 or 2x1 line; the exchange rate effectively fell below the lower rail of the uptrend channel, etc. ② form stop-loss method: including the exchange rate broke the head and shoulders, M head, rounded top such as the head pattern of the strong line level; the exchange rate jumped downward breakthrough gap, etc. ③ K-line stop-loss method: including the appearance of two yin sandwiched between a yang, yin after two yang yin short cannon, or a yin break three lines of broken head guillotine, as well as the appearance of the twilight star, through the head broken foot, shooting star, double flying crow, three crows hanging treetops and other typical top of the K-line combination, etc. ④ chip stop-loss method: the chip turnover dense area on the stock price will produce a direct support and resistance, a solid bottom is broken through, often from the original support area into a resistance area according to the chip turnover dense area set stop-loss level, once the level is broken immediately stop loss out (3) stop-loss price setting need to pay attention to the following factors: ① to look at the general trend, in the technical graphs to find the previous major hurdles or recreate the new high (new low), or the market has been more than once confirmed difficult to ② the main technical analysis, technical indicators are usually used by professional traders and professional traders, these levels also need to focus on; ③ government or central bank officials have stressed the price; ④ the most important point, to continue to sum up and accumulate from the daily operation, to find a suitable stop-loss method is the key to their own situation

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