Forex Basics What is the foreign exchange swap rate How is it calculated

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If investors are doing cashback forex Whatisforexrebate long term trading, they must have a detailed understanding of the bestforexrebate What forexrebatenetwork forex rebate below to introduce the basics of foreign exchange in the foreign exchange overnight interest  What is the foreign exchange overnight interest?  If you have a position in the foreign exchange trading overnight, you need to get or pay the interest Foreign exchange overnight interest is not a lot of investors understand the extra expense, there are positive and negative points, positive overnight interest, then profit, negative overnight interest, then you will lose money For example, if the investor holds the U.S. and Japanese long single overnight, overnight interest is positive if the U.S. and Japanese short single, overnight interest How is the foreign exchange overnight interest generated? In the world, each currency has its own interest rate, forex trading currency pairs involve two interest rates such as USD/JPY if the interest rate of the currency bought is higher than the interest rate of the currency sold, you can earn overnight interest, on the contrary, you need to pay overnight interest How is forex swap calculated?  Foreign exchange swap interest is usually given directly in the foreign exchange platform, because the daily swap interest is different, foreign exchange swap interest is calculated as follows: Monday: 1 day swap interest Monday position to week and the settlement date is Wednesday to Thursday, so to pay/collect 1 day interest Tuesday: 1 day swap interest Tuesday position to Wednesday, the settlement date is Thursday to Friday, so to pay/collect 1 day interest Wednesday: 3 days Overnight interest Wednesday position to Thursday, settlement date is Friday to next Monday, so 3 days interest is paid/charged Thursday: 1 day overnight interest Thursday position to Friday, settlement date is next Monday to next Tuesday, so 1 day interest is paid/charged Friday: 1 day overnight interest Friday position to next Monday, settlement date is Tuesday to Wednesday, so 1 day interest is paid/charged It is important to note that in this category, on Wednesday If you hold a position overnight, the overnight interest is three times the usual, this situation must be noted 

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