Foreign exchange trading technical indicators of the Bollinger Bands indicator (BOLL indicator)

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What bestforexrebate forex rebate MACD, RSI, KDJ and other Whatisforexrebatedicators, forexrebatenetwork Bands indicator is also the most practical technical analysis of the foreign exchange market reference indicators, which itself includes trend indicators and oscillators Bollinger Bands also called Bollinger Bands (BollingerBand), by JohnBollinger in the 1880s According to the principle of standard deviation in statistics, it can be used to determine the trend, it has the role of the channel, easy to use, can give investors a very clear and reliable signal, to avoid buying after the delay in the rise of the situation, to investors to reduce a lot of losses, and therefore sought by investors, is also a very simple and practical technical analysis indicator The indicator uses the concept of standard deviation in statistics, by An average line (MID) and the standard deviation calculated by the upper rail (UPER) and the lower rail (LOWER) three lines, the three lines are the middle line, the cashback forex of the pressure line and the price of the support line, so the Bollinger Bands are also called support pressure class indicators, the general situation of the price line in the volatility of the upper and lower rail band, and with the change in price and automatically adjust the position of the track exchange rate changes Increase, the volatility band will become wider; the exchange rate sideways finishing, volatility band remains unchanged or narrowed, when the price breaks through the pressure line (or support line), said the time to sell (or buy) Bollinger Bands index the biggest drawback and all other indicators are the same is the lag, Bollinger Bands indicator calculation method in the rail = N moving average (MA) on the rail = rail + (D * standard deviation) under the rail = rail line -(D * standard deviation) where the middle rail = SMA (close, N) D = standard deviation of the parameters, generally the default value, such as 2 standard deviation = SUM [(Close-a)2, N] * (N-1) the square root of the value. a = SMA (close, N) the normal range, Bollinger Bands indicator analysis 1.  Price from the bottom up through the support line will form a rebound, can be seen as a buy signal 2.   price from the bottom up through the middle line, it is possible to accelerate the upside, is the signal to buy additional positions 3.   price fluctuations in the middle line and pressure line between the run for the long market, can hold more or add code 4.   price for a long time in the middle line and support line between the run, from the top down through The middle line for the sell signal 5.  price in the middle line and pressure line between the downward fluctuations run for the short market, can hold short or add throw 6.  Bollinger band bandwidth is very narrow, is the market is about to choose the direction of the breakthrough signal in the use of this method must be cautious, because the price will often appear false breakthrough, investors should wait for the breakthrough direction is clear, the bandwidth of the Bollinger band enlarges when Re-intervention Bollinger scaling significance 1, foreign exchange market after several waves of decline, usually turns into a period of narrow finishing, when investors can see the upper and lower limits of the Bollinger space becomes narrower and narrower, closer and closer and the disk will show the highest price of the exchange rate and the lowest price difference is very small, almost no profit space in the short term, the disk trading is also inactive but the Bollinger scaling this situation is the need for investors to pay great attention to, because it may mean that the foreign exchange market is brewing a round of big market, and once the exchange rate rises, the Bollinger openings expand, it is announced that the beginning of the rising market 2, such as Bollinger in the high openings are extremely narrow, once the exchange rate breaks down, Bollinger openings enlarge, a round of downtrend will be inevitable Bollinger openings significance 1, when the exchange rate from the low to the high after several waves up After, the Bollinger line uppermost pressure line and the lowermost support line opening reached a great extent, and the opening can not continue to enlarge to contraction, this is a sell signal, usually followed by a round of foreign exchange prices fell sharply or adjustment market 2, when the currency price after several waves of significant decline, the Bollinger line upper limit and lower limit of the opening can not continue to enlarge, the Bollinger line upper pressure line in advance from the upper downward shrinkage, wait until the Bollinger line lower support line Subsequent to the upward retraction from the bottom, it means that the foreign exchange market a round of downtrend will end the use of Bollinger Bands Note 1, Bollinger Bands parameters must not be set less than 62, the use of Bollinger Bands to pay attention to identify the foreign exchange trend is in the normal zone or the extraordinary zone in the extraordinary zone can not simply break the upper limit to sell, break the lower limit to buy as a principle 3, the use of the opening narrowed at high levels once the retraction, the exchange rate downward breakthrough, there is often a larger Downward space KDJ indicators and Bollinger Bands indicator combination of the two together is beneficial: can make the KDJ indicator signal more accurate, at the same time, because the price of the daily K-line indicator system in the Bollinger Bands indicator, often reflects the price of the medium-term operating trend, so the use of these two indicators to determine whether the price is short-term fluctuations, or medium-term fluctuations have a role, especially for determining the price in the end is a short-term top (bottom), or into the medium-term rise (down), with relatively good results when the integrated use of KDJ indicators and Bollinger Bands indicators should be Bollinger Bands-based, the price trend for medium-term judgment, supplemented by KDJ indicators, the price of short-term trend judgment, KDJ indicators issued by the purchase and sale signals need to use Bollinger Bands to verify with, if both issued the same instruction, the purchase and sale Higher accuracy SAR stop indicator and Bollinger Bands indicator combination Bollinger Bands indicator and SAR stop indicator used in conjunction with each other can achieve the investment effect of complementing each others strengths and increasing the chances of winning: 1. When the price runs in the area between the middle rail and the upper rail of the Bollinger Bands, as long as it does not break the middle rail, it means that the market is in a long market, only consider buying at a low, do not consider shorting 2. The middle rail, indicating a short market, trading strategy is to sell on the high, do not consider buying 3, when the market price along the Bollinger Bands run, indicating that the market is a unilateral up market, hold the single to hold, as long as the price is not out of the upper rail area on the patient hold 4, along the lower rail when running, indicating that the market is currently a unilateral down market, generally for a wave of rapid decline in the market, hold the short single, as long as the price is not When the price runs in the lower rail area, patiently hold 5, when the price is running in the middle rail area, that the market is currently for the consolidation oscillation market, for trend traders, this is the easiest way to lose money a market, should be avoided, short positions and wait and see for 6, Bollinger Channel shrinkage state price oscillation near the middle rail, the upper and lower rails gradually shrink, this is a harbinger of the arrival of the big market, should be short positions and wait and see, waiting for the right time 7, after the channel shrinkage Sudden expansion of the state means a wave of spontaneous quotes coming, after that, the market is likely to go unilateral, you can actively adjust the position, follow the trend 8, when the Bollinger Channel shrinkage, before the arrival of a wave of big quotes, there are often false breakthrough quotes, which is the main force of the trap, should be vigilant, can be resolved by adjusting positions 9, the Bollinger Channel time period should be based on the weekly, in the unilateral market, the position held single Has a high profit, in order to prevent a large pullback, you can refer to the principles of the daily Bollinger Bands out

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