Foreign exchange trading summary of the bottom technical form

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foreign exchange trading investors often use technical patterns to assist themselves in judging the What is forex rebate, the right is the same technical pattern Whatisforexrebate be effective in judging the market, today totaled some common bottom technical patterns in the foreign exchange market for investors to refer to 1, K-line red three soldiers: the market bestforexrebate the plunge, the short side can not continue to suppress the exchange rate, the market formed in the bottom region Narrow fluctuations, at cashback forex time small positive lines, small negative lines and crosses appear with each other market after a period of time after the shock, the long force has accumulated rising energy, after the stimulation of the fundamentals, the plate appears to rise continuously three small positive lines, so that the closing price breakthrough plate range to start a wave of uptrend these three small positive line pattern in the market called red three soldiers, is a bottom bullish signal, short forex traders At this point can no longer chase the short 2, arc bottom pattern: after the market has been continuously killed, the short side of the force consumed, at this time in the low more and more into a stalemate stage, this time the price trend is relatively smooth after a large number of long and short exchange of hands, multiple counterattack step by step, technical indicators at low levels with the market, the market gradually rise, successive breakthroughs above resistance and important averages, and a new high since the bottom, indicating that the multiple has Victory over the short-side forces, is a bullish pattern, forex traders can wait to step back to do more  3, V-shaped reversal: the markets short-side forces quickly and continuously suppress the exchange rate, the short kinetic energy exhausted when the long side forces immediately counterattack, do not give the short side the opportunity to ease, the market gradually pushed up, forming a V-shaped, which is a bearish signal, forex traders can not continue to do short  4, reversal Cross star: cross star in the falling market, indicating that the lower gear to take up the force is stronger, with the emergence of the later positive, indicating that the party not only at the cross star effectively blocked the attack of the air side, and launched a counterattack, at this time can confirm that this is a counterattack cross star, the market will be controlled by the party gradually go higher  5, double bottom pattern (W bottom): after the air side continuous suppression of the exchange rate, multiple forces began to counterattack, but in After the rebound was blocked back down, but did not fall below the previous low support, at this time a large number of long into the market, breaking through the last rebound high, the market gradually go higher general market breakthrough after the first rebound high can be seen as a form to establish this trend of the exchange rate to form a double bottom, is a bearish signal, foreign exchange traders can wait for the breakthrough back to do more  6, head and shoulders bottom pattern: the market after a downtrend, the Technical indicators gathered upside power at low levels, the exchange rate formed a wave of rebound, the formation of the left shoulder immediately after continuing to fall to the bottom, after the innovation low failed to continue to unfold another wave of rebound to the left shoulder rebound high, this time the technical indicators tend to form a bottom divergence, then the market and again down, the formation of another bottom that is the right shoulder, the bottom is not lower than the low point of the head and shoulders bottom after this multi-party counterattack, after breaking the range can be regarded as a pattern established, forex traders can wait for the breakthrough after the pullback to do more

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